Check out these 2 Classic Greek Coins Sold for Thousands of Dollars!

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Have you heard the news about 2 classic Greek coins that was sold for thousands of dollars last September 2023? Two classic Greek coins signed by Kimon and Euainetos! These coins was auctioned and bought for a high price! In this article, we’ll take a look at these classic coins.

Also, in other news, starting the season 2 of Loki, there are new Loki Funko Pops featuring Loki himself, and Morbius! We’ll take a peak at these Funko Pops and tell you where to purchase them!

In sneaker news, there is a new “Castlerock” colorway for the New Balance 2002R, we’ll also take a look at this new release and where you can cop one!

2 Classic Greek Coins Sold for Thousands of Dollars

Decadrachms from Syracuse in Sicily, bearing the signatures of the renowned artists Kimon and Euianetos, hold a special place in the world of ancient Greek coins due to their exceptional beauty.

During the auction held on September 26 and 27 by Morton & Eden, three distinct silver decadrachms were sold, each fetching varying prices.

Syracusan decadrachms are renowned as some of the most iconic ancient coins, boasting a timeless aesthetic appeal that has garnered admiration from both ancient and contemporary observers, according to the auction house.

Despite the lack of substantial information from ancient texts regarding the reasons and timing behind their minting, scholars have been striving to establish the historical and chronological context of their production since the 17th century, as mentioned by the auction firm.


A decadrachm signed by Kimon } Image by NGC Coin

A decadrachm signed by Kimon, in Extremely Fine condition and believed to have been minted around 405 B.C., was sold for £320,000 ($391,165 U.S.) at auction, falling short of the estimated value of £600,000 ($733,434 U.S.).

This coin, weighing 43.35 grams, exhibits exquisite toning and remarkable relief, as described by the auction firm.

Interestingly, this particular coin had previously been part of the Nelson Bunker Hunt collection and was auctioned at Sotheby’s on June 19, 1990, where it achieved a hammer price of $270,000.

Of notable significance is the depiction of a nymph on the reverse side of the coin, which is described as more human and less abstract compared to earlier dies. The nymph’s gaze, with its lifelike iris detail beneath heavy eyelids, exudes a captivating and down-to-earth quality. Kimon’s portrayal of Arethusa on this coin is considered one of his finest works.

Renowned expert and author G.K. Jenkins, in his book “Ancient Greek Coins,” spoke highly of Kimon, hailing him as potentially the greatest artist working at the Syracusan mint during that era.

Jenkins commended Kimon for his bold artistic style, which was coupled with an unparalleled ability to achieve delicate control and harmonious design in his coin creations.


A decadrachm signed by Euainetos | Image by NGC Coin

Jenkins also expressed admiration for the artistic work of Euainetos, regarding it as the pinnacle of the Syracusan style.

In the same auction, a decadrachm from around 400 B.C., in Good, Extremely Fine condition and bearing the signature of Euainetos, achieved a hammer price of £130,000 ($158,911 U.S.), surpassing the estimated value of £80,000 ($97,791 U.S.). This coin weighed 42.91 grams.

Another Extremely Fine example, also from around 400 B.C. and featuring Euainetos’s signature, completed the trio of signed decadrachms in the auction. It was sold for a hammer price of £40,000 ($48,896 U.S.), in line with the estimated value.

New Loki Funko Pops as Loki Starts its Season 2:

Loki Season 2 “Loki” Funko Pop | Image by Entertainment Earth

The second season of Loki is now available for streaming on Disney+, and with it comes a fresh lineup of Marvel Funko Pops.

To avoid giving away any plot details (most likely), the initial collection is relatively small, featuring Pop figures of Loki and Mobius dressed in TVA Temporal Core suits.

Loki Season 2 “Mobius” Funko Pop | Image by Entertainment Earth

You can currently pre-order both of these Loki Funko Pops through Entertainment Earth, and they should become available on Hot Topic and Amazon at some point today.

Since new episodes of Loki are released every Thursday, it’s unlikely that we’ll see new additions during Funko’s usual Wednesday drop events. It’s more probable that these new figures will continue to arrive on Fridays after a new episode has aired.

Check out The Latest New Balance 2002R in a “Castlerock” Colorway:

New Balance “Castlerock” 2002R | Image by New Balance

The New Balance 2002R stands out as one of the standout lifestyle offerings from the Boston-based brand. With the change in weather and the need for extra care to keep your shoes clean, the N-ERGY cushioned silhouette has introduced a series of jet-black sole units to tackle unexpected winter conditions.

New Balance “Castlerock” 2002R | Image by New Balance

This follows the recent introduction of a “Tobacco” colorway, and this new version adopts a grayscale palette with a dark midsole construction.

New Balance “Castlerock” 2002R | Image by New Balance

The inner lining also features darker shades, while the upper, made of nubuck and suede, is treated with a “Castlerock” finish. The profile “N” logos provide a striking contrast with their crisp white trim, and this tonal grayscale theme extends to the hint of mesh on the heel and the tread on the outsole.

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