This is Sparta: You can Now Pre-Order for Your Favorite 300 Funko Pop Characters!

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Zack Snyder’s 2007 film “300” is an adaptation of Frank Miller’s comic series, presenting a fictionalized retelling of the Battle of Thermopylae in 480 BC. This historical conflict witnessed a small Greek force, predominantly Spartans under the leadership of Leonidas, standing resolute against the invasion of a significantly larger Persian army led by Xerxes. The Greeks bravely held their ground for several days before being outmaneuvered and overcome in a remarkable last stand.

300 Funko Pop Lineup:

Leonidas (Chase and Non-Chase Variant)



Queen Gorgo



Regrettably, safeguarding the narrow mountain pass within your Funko collection offers a challenge, as you possess only two Spartan warriors and Queen Gorgo to defend it. On the contrary, Xerxes is a solitary Funko Pop, embodying the entire Persian army.

You can now get these iconic Funko Pops by pre-ordering the links provided! Who will you add to your mighty collection?

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