$30M Of Funko Pops Going To The Landfill!

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Did you know that $30M Of Funko Pops Going To The Landfill? This month, Funko, a company that makes collectibles based on pop culture, said it would throw away $30 million worth of Pop figures because it had too much stock. Now, pictures are coming out of dumps and landfills that show boxes of Harry Potter-themed Funkos and other toys that haven’t been opened.

$30M Of Funko Pops Going To The Landfill:

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Most of them appeared to be from the Funkoverse board games by the company, which feature packages of four figures based on everything from Jurassic Park to the Netflix animated comedy Aggretsuko. Numerous characters in the video are from the Harry Potter series.

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What occurs to the boxes once they arrive at the landfill? They must first be shredded before being thrown into a landfill. Furthermore, a person who works at one of the locations claims that old Funko shipments have flooded the location. The pallets are reportedly brought in on trucks one at a time and then thrown into enormous shredding machines. The remainder of the trash is then sorted to determine whether it should be recycled or dumped in a landfill.

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Possibly leftover from the holidays, the boxes in the one image they posted are all Jack Skellington Santas from The Nightmare Before Christmas. It appears to be less expensive to destroy them and produce more later than it is to find storage over the following eight months. In its most recent earnings call, Funko informed investors that its warehouses, particularly a new one in Arizona, were already overstocked. It has been paying exorbitant rental fees to keep more Funkos in its shipping containers until it can find space for them. One of those places right now is the landfill.

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