6 of the Best Movie Funko Pops in 2023!

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Are you looking for the best movie Funko Pops to collect this 2023? Well, The selection of Funko Pop figures has grown to the point where, at last count, there were over 13,000. Since this is the case, no single person can own them all unless they have an infinite supply of money and time. But no worries! We’ve made a list of some of the best movie Funko Pops for you to collect! Let’s dive right in!

Best Movie Funko Pops to Collect:

Western Barbie


Even though Oppenheimer was fantastic, Barbie ruined Barbenhiemer for everyone. The Barbie movie ended up being a lot more than most people expected, breaking box office records and looking good while doing it. Western Barbie is my favorite of Funko’s Pop figures, so the company obviously saw the writing on the wall and prepared accordingly. What makes a film “pop” is when the audience can immediately picture the person or event being depicted. If you identify more with Western Ken or President Barbie, both characters have their line of Pop!

Frodo With The Ring


Look at this Frodo figure, for example, from Funko Pop, and you’ll be instantly transported to a specific scene from the film. If you’ve seen The Lord of the Rings films, your mind immediately flashes back to the scene where the Hobbit is enslaved by The One Ring, holding it over the blazing Mount Doom. The owner of the One Ring card from Magic: The Gathering will appreciate this Pop!, which is a friendly reminder that they should not climb a volcano. Just toss the card in. By the way, some people have that desire.

Ariel (The Little Mermaid)


Live-action adaptations of Disney animated classics like The Little Mermaid have become increasingly popular, allowing the films to reach a whole new audience. Having done exceptionally well at the box office, Ariel is a must-have for any Disney Pops or movie Pops collector. Although most human-like Funko Pop figures fall short, this one more than makes up for the norm. An exceptionally well-made Pop that would look great in any collection or on the shelf of any young fan of The Little Mermaid.

The Dark Knight Movie Poster Set


In 2023, after the release of his Oppenheimer biopic, Christopher Nolan became the subject of much conversation. Despite its excellence, The Dark Knight remains my favorite Nolan film and a strong contender for my all-time favorite movie. This is arguably the best depiction of The Joker in cinematic history, and it’s also one of the best Batman and DC films. It deserves the best Funko Pop treatment possible, so we packaged the film’s two main characters with a tiny poster.

T-Rex Breakout Jurassic Park


Might I suggest this iconic scene from Jurassic Park if you’re not into collecting Funko Pop figures that represent individual characters and instead want a scene to serve as the centerpiece of your collection? From the opening credits, we knew that keeping dinosaurs in a zoo or safari park would be a bad idea, but it wasn’t until this scene that our worst fears were realized. With no electricity to deter it, the T-rex strolled through the fence. The subsequent mayhem is a direct result of those noisy brats refusing to put out their torch.

Charles Dickens And Rizzo Muppet Christmas Carol


Even though you could be reading this at any time of year, and this isn’t a list of Christmas-themed Funko Pop figures, I just couldn’t resist including Gonzo as Charles Dickens from The Muppet Christmas Carol. The main reason is that it includes a miniature version of Rizzo, even though the price is the same as a standard Funko Pop! and much lower than others. No matter the time of year, you can’t pass up a deal where you get two figures for the price of one, especially when those figures are based on characters from one of the greatest films ever.

So there you have it! We hope this article helped you decide which Funko Pops to add to your collection today! There are so many Funko Pops to choose from, and the best way to decide is to know what you want to collect!

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