New Amazon Exclusive Star Wars Admiral Ackbar Funko Pop!

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Did you know the new Admiral Ackbar Funko Pop? Discover the latest and most imaginative merchandise from a galaxy far, far away! Get ready to shine the spotlight on your favorite Mon Calamari! Introducing the latest Amazon exclusive Admiral Ackbar Funko Pop! The iconic moment from Return of the Jedi where Admiral Ackbar uncovers the Empire’s cunning plan and warns his fellow rebels that they have fallen into a trap. Get ready to relive this epic scene with the new Pop figure release. This iconic line is widely recognized among Star Wars enthusiasts, owing to its immense popularity within the fandom.

Admiral Ackbar Funko Pop:


Experience the unforgettable moment when the Rebels embark on their journey to defeat the second Death Star, punctuated by a truly memorable exclamation. In the wake of the destruction of the first battle station, Emperor Palpatine realized that a bigger and better weapon was necessary to conquer his foes once and for all. He executed his plan with flawless precision by strategically disguising the second base as incomplete, concealing the fully armed weapons systems while the hull remained under construction. With newfound confidence, Lando Calrissian and the rest of the crew fearlessly flew straight into a trap.

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