Amazon Prime Day is Here Once Again, And Funko Pops are on Sale!

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Amazon Prime Day is back for another year, but don’t expect the sale to last longer than 48 hours. While most people anticipate purchasing a brand-new television or video game console at a steep discount, a select few are more enamored with the abundance of cheap Funko Pops on sale this year.

If you’ve participated in Prime Day before, you know the drill. You don’t have to be a Prime member to shop, but Prime members get early access to all the deals. If you’re still on the fence about signing up, Amazon Prime offers a free 30-day trial, during which time you can purchase your favorite figurines at a discount and have them shipped to you at no cost.

Amazon Prime Day Deals for Star Wars Funko Pops

Some truly amazing Star Wars Funko Pops have been marked down in price for Prime Day. One of the best offers is a portrait of Lando Calrissian piloting the Millenium Falcon. It’s $15 less expensive and shows the captain riding bravely into space. The attention to detail on the ship is what sets this piece apart.


Because of its size, it can be displayed with or without the box. This Funko Pop of Rey floats above the competition. Her transparent pedestal makes it look like she’s floating above the ground, just like in that scene from The Rise of Skywalker where she’s practicing her Jedi skills. You can also save money by purchasing the Pride 2023 version of BB-8, Rey’s trusty sidekick.

Amazon Prime Day Deals for Disney Funko Pops

There are a ton of Disney Funko Pops on sale for Prime Day, covering everything from older movies to newer ones, with a few more obscure choices thrown in for good measure. While heroes and heroines may come to mind first, having a villain cause trouble is just as entertaining.


Captain Hook and the Evil Queen, two popular villains, are being downplayed. A lantern is clasped in the Peter Pan antagonist’s trademark hook as he stands defiantly in front of a barrel. You can almost make out the tuft of his hat feather. The film also does an excellent job of depicting the film’s villain, who serves as Snow White’s main antagonist. She wears her signature crown and fierce glare as she sits atop a peacock-adorned throne.

Amazon Prime Day Deals for Marvel Funko Pops

There is a plethora of offerings for Marvel fans as well. The sleek Black Panther figurine from Captain America: Civil War is currently $5 off, its lowest price in weeks. The model’s all-black suit is a spot-on recreation of the one in the film, down to the fine details of the paintwork. His hands are equipped with claws as well.


His extreme rage and anger may define the Hulk, but that doesn’t make him unlovable. This Funko Pop rendition of him is especially cute. He’s wearing very serious eyewear and has two tacos. That’s the best there is, and if you have a shelf full of Marvel characters, you need to add that scene to it. This would be perfect for a pal, but no one would hold it against you if you kept it for yourself.

Amazon Prime Day Deals on TV Shows and Other Movies

Prime Day is the best time to stock up on Funko Pops, which are the best way to show support for your favorite movies and television shows. This tiny figurine of Elle Woods will help you channel her strength and determination into your workdays. The ultra-chic genius is a fun character to take on during video chats and inbox clearing, and she wears one of her signature pink sets. It’s the perfect accessory for diehard fans of the film Legally Blonde, thanks to its pink hue and lovable Bruiser.


Suppose you share the public’s infatuation with Jeff Goldblum. In that case, a Dr. Ian Malcolm figurine is a must-have, especially since he is included in a four-figure set featuring two additional Jurassic World Dominion characters. You can now have the iconic character from Jurassic Park—replete with Dr. Ellie Sattler, Maisie, and a T-Rex—immortalized on your shelf in his signature all-black outfit and grayed lenses. Dr. Ian Malcolm’s ability to tell witty one-liners is the only thing missing.

These are just some of the Funko Pops on sale on Amazon! So make sure to check their website for more deals!

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