Ancient Coins from 400BC Stolen in a Farmhouse in Australia!

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Stolen from a remote rural farming property near Ceduna on South Australia’s west coast were ancient coins that included 400-year-old Pantheon coins and rare Islamic glass tokens. After a day out on Sunday, 79-year-old retired farmer Alan Lowe returned home to find that someone had broken into his home and stolen a fireproof safe containing around 1,000 rare and valuable ancient coins worth around $40,000.

Examples of the Ancient Coins Stolen from Mr. Lowe:

A coin similar to this coin dating 400BC | Image by Coinquest
Islamic Glass Coins | Image by Skinner Inc.
Russian Wire Coins | Image by Wikipedia

Mr. Lowe spent 43 years amassing the coins before putting them in the safe. The safe was broken into, and the key, which was stored in a different cabinet, was stolen. The safe would take four people to lift, and they got it outside and got it into the back of a ute or something, Mr. Lowe said. Among the items in his collection were ancient coins such as 400 B.C. Pantheon coins, Byzantine Roman coins, Russian wire coins, and kissi pennies from India, the Middle East, and Africa.

Additionally, he acquired Australian and New Zealand pennies from various Australian coin dealers. Mr. Lowe developed an interest in numismatics due to its historical importance and connection to ancient civilizations. He said that back in 1980, he bought a few Roman coins from this person, and he recalls being amazed at the thought of owning 2,000-year-old coins while being in Ceduna at the time. While expressing a wish to have a machine that could reveal the history of an ancient coin’s previous owners, he acknowledged that such a concept is not feasible.

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