Best TV Funko Pops to Collect This 2023!

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Funko Pops are created to capture a diverse array of characters and personalities from various realms of media. Notably, the iconic Star Wars saga boasts many of these figures, featuring revered protagonists and formidable antagonists. These collectible items serve as fantastic decorations, allowing enthusiasts to exhibit their devotion to beloved fandoms proudly. These are some of the best TV Funko Pops for you to add to your collection today!

Best TV Funko Pops:

Duke Silver

Parks and Recreation stand out as one of the finest comedic gems from the 2010s, with Ron Swanson emerging as a captivating and endearing character.

Among his enigmatic facets, his alter ego, Duke Silver, adds a layer of delightful amusement. As a jazz musician, his hidden persona consistently delivers comedic gold.

Therefore, he should be immortalized through an intricately crafted Funko Pop figurine, capturing his appearance flawlessly from the Pawnee-Eagleton Unity Concert.

This collectible item pays tribute to his charismatic charm and musical persona.


President Loki with Alligator

President Loki and Alligator Loki stand out as remarkable iterations of the anti-hero archetype.

Though not necessarily the most powerful characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, they undeniably contribute to the entertainment quotient.

Their most iconic shared moment, where Alligator Loki severs the President’s hand, epitomizes their unique dynamic. Commemorating this event, the meticulously crafted Funko Pop figure presents an excellent means of celebrating the scene.

Notably, the figurine remarkably captures President Loki’s facial expression, precisely conveying his blend of fury and irritation – a commendable feat given the distinctive style of Funko Pop! collectibles.

Daemon Targaryen

Funko Pops aren’t limited to just endearing characters; they also extend their creations to encompass individuals with more antagonistic traits.

One example is Daemon Targaryen from the Game of Thrones prequel series, House of the Dragon.

Despite his less favorable disposition, there’s an undeniable intrigue surrounding the prince’s character. Similarly, this Funko Pop! rendition of Daemon Targaryen garners admiration due to its exceptional craftsmanship.

Notably, the attention to detail extends to his hair, a typically challenging aspect of these figures, yet in this case, the depiction of Daemon’s windswept locks is truly remarkable.


Lizzie with Monologue Lizzie

Before the advent of Disney Plus, Disney Channel shows held a significant cultural allure, extending even to their live-action productions. Among the standout offerings was “Lizzie McGuire,” a series that delved into the life of the eponymous teenager.

Despite the show’s bygone era, its impact remains palpable, particularly evident in Funko’s homage through a splendid Pop figurine. This collectible expertly captures the essence of the iconic series, distinguishing itself as one of the more remarkable additions.

What sets it apart is its dual representation, showcasing both the real-life Lizzie and her animated counterpart, with a striking resemblance to their on-screen personas.

Ted Lasso with Tea Cup

With his endearing kindness and contagious optimism, Ted Lasso has earned a special place in the hearts of audiences. His character exudes a genuine joy that resonates deeply.

Thus, it’s only fitting that he is bestowed with the honor of a Funko Pop! figurine. Interestingly, there are multiple iterations of Ted Lasso in this form, each uniquely capturing his essence.

Notably, the standout version portrays him in his signature tracksuit, engaged in the act of sipping tea – an ironic touch given his aversion to the beverage. Despite the incongruity, this Funko Pop! figurine brilliantly encapsulates the charm and essence of the character, making it a cherished collectible.


Many TV shows have been immortalized through Funko Pops!, featuring characters that have become enduring favorites among fans. However, as time progresses, the availability of these collectibles becomes increasingly scarce, mainly because the official Funko store doesn’t maintain a perpetual inventory.

Yet, enthusiasts can find solace in the continuous introduction of new additions to the lineup. Consequently, Funko Pops inspired by more recent television shows tend to be the most accessible, making them a convenient choice for collectors seeking to expand their collections.

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