New PX Exclusive Beta Ray Bill and King Daredevil Funko Pop Available for Pre-Order!

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This week’s Funko Pop Wednesday releases are a treat for Marvel enthusiasts! Introducing two brand-new Previews Exclusive figures sure to excite fans – Beta Ray Bill and King Daredevil Funko Pop. You can secure your pre-orders for these collectibles right now, and we’ve got all the essential details you need right below. And if you’re eager to stay updated on the rest of this week’s Funko Pop Wednesday releases, you’re in the right place.

Beta Ray Bill and King Daredevil Funko Pop


Available for pre-order at Entertainment Earth. This fantastic figure draws inspiration from the 2021 self-titled comic series. Beta Ray Bill, a formidable Korbinite, is deemed worthy to wield Thor’s legendary hammer, Mjolnir. However, he wields another formidable weapon – the mighty Stormbreaker. This Funko Pop beautifully captures him holding this legendary hammer, crackling with electrifying energy.


Also available for pre-orders at Entertainment Earth. This striking Funko Pop is a homage to the 2022 Daredevil series, penned by Chip Zdarsky and brought to life with art by Marco Checchetto. It portrays the Man Without Fear, the one and only Matt Murdock, donning his hooded costume as he ascends to the King of The Fist title.

Don’t miss the chance to add these remarkable figures to your collection! Secure your pre-orders and stay tuned for more exciting Funko Pop releases this Wednesday.

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