Blackpink Funko Pops Already Available for Pre-Order!

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Have you heard about the news? BLACKPINK Funko Pops are already available for pre-orders! Calling the attention of all BLINKs! In this article, we’ll take a look at the available BLACKPINK Funko Pops and where you can pre-order them!

In other news, the new Air Jordan 12 “Cherry” is said to be released before the end of October! Let’s take a closer look at this iconic shoe!

Blackpink Funko Pops Available for Pre-Order:

Hey, BLINKs! Exciting news for all fans of the K-pop sensation BLACKPINK! The beloved group is about to receive a fabulous Funko Pop! transformation, and you can already pre-order the upcoming collection. The announcement was made on X, and it caused a swift sellout of pre-orders on the Funko website.

BLACKPINK is set to make their official Funko collectibles debut! Make sure to sign up for notifications so you’ll be the first to know when Pop! JISOO, Pop JENNIE, Pop ROSÉ, and Pop LISA become available. This was revealed in a post on Tuesday, October 10.

No need to fret, though. You still have the chance to snag your BLACKPINK merchandise since Amazon has a full inventory of each member’s items, all set for you to add to your shopping cart.

The BLACKPINK Funko Pops won’t hit the shelves until January 1, 2024. However, considering how swiftly pre-orders are flying off, you won’t want to risk waiting until they’re officially released, just in case they sell out permanently.

This fantastic collection includes Funko Pops! of Lisa, Jennie, Rosé, and Jisoo that you can proudly display on top of your record player stand. You’ll also find keychains featuring the “Pink Venom” singers, perfect for adding a touch of BLACKPINK style to your tote bags, backpacks, and more.


To kick off your collection, consider starting with the Jennie figurine.

She’s rocking a bold and comfortable ensemble, complete with a vibrant red hat, cozy fuzzy brown boots, and a stylish combination of a cropped baseball top, a miniskirt, and suspenders.

Blackpink Funko Pops
Jennie Funko Pop | Image by Funko


Jisoo’s Funko Pop showcases a sporty yet chic look, featuring a one-shoulder top paired with a pleated skirt and stylish platform boots.

Blackpink Funko Pops
Jisoo Funko Pop | Image by Funko


Lisa‘s fans can add a touch of charm to their room with this adorable mini figurine of her.

She’s flaunting a cute vest paired with an asymmetrical skirt, stylish brown boots, and some eye-catching green nail polish for that extra pop of color.

Blackpink Funko Pops
Lisa Funko Pop | Image by Funko


Complete your girl group collection with the Rosé Funko Pop! This figurine captures her iconic look, featuring her signature blonde hair, a stylish maxi coat in a vibrant green shade that even Billie Eilish would give a nod of approval and a coordinating black ensemble.

Blackpink Funko Pops
Rosé Funko Pop | Image by Funko

In Other News:

The iconic Air Jordan 12 “Cherry,” famously worn by Michael Jordan during his triumphant fifth NBA title victory, is making its long-awaited return after a hiatus of 14 years.

Air Jordan 12 “Cherry” | Image by Nike

Official images of the sneaker have recently emerged, and it’s widely anticipated to hit the shelves by the end of October. What immediately catches the eye is the striking vibrancy of the “Varsity Red” hue on the lower part of the shoe.

Notably brighter than the 2009 retro version. The design of the Air Jordan 12 faithfully follows the lines of the original from 1996, a reassuring detail for die-hard Jordan enthusiasts.

Air Jordan 12 “Cherry” | Image by Nike

Crafted by Tinker Hatfield, the Air Jordan 12 showcases fanning leather panels, drawing inspiration from the Japanese Rising Sun flag.

This association is further highlighted by the “Cherry” colorway, one of the five original variations of this model, and the choice of Michael Jordan when he and the Chicago Bulls clinched their fifth championship.

Air Jordan 12 “Cherry” | Image by Nike

Hatfield’s design also drew from women’s footwear, which explains why some may discern subtle hints of a heel when examining the sneaker’s profile.

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