Stolen Celtic Coins Believed to Have Been Melted Down

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German police in Berlin have recovered what are believed to be melted-down ancient gold Celtic coins stolen from a museum in the fall. According to the Associated Press, four people have been arrested in connection with the theft from the Celtic and Roman Museum in the Bavarian town of Manching on November 22.

Celtic Coins from 1999:


In 1999, during an archaeological dig, 483 Celtic coins were stolen. Some of the coins, it has been reported, are from 100 B.C. This hoard of Celtic gold is the largest find of the twentieth century. Bavarian state criminal police deputy chief Guido Limmer told reporters that authorities had analyzed 18 gold bars, each of which was melted down from four stolen coins.


Bavarian state culture minister Markus Blume told AP, “We know that about 70 gold coins have apparently been lost irretrievably in their cultural and historical significance.” But that means there’s still a chance the rest of the gold coins, and thus the bulk of the gold treasure, can be found. Investigators identified the suspects as a telecoms engineer, an accountant, a shop manager, and an employee of a demolition company thanks to DNA evidence found on an object outside the museum.

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