New $100 Coat of Arms Coin by the Royal Australian Mint!

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Australia’s Coat of Arms investment coin series from the Royal Australian Mint features uniquely Australian designs that tell a story. Elements of the Australian and State/Territory coats of arms have been reinvented for each coin in the series. The Royal Australian Mint is pleased to announce the release of the third installment of the Australian Coat of Arms Investment Coin Series, a reinterpretation of the Queensland Coat of Arms, to be issued in 2023 in the form of a breathtaking new $100 1 oz Gold Investment Coin and 2023 $1 1 oz Silver Investment Coin.


Symbolizing the colony’s considerable prosperity at the time, the Coat of Arms of Queensland, awarded by Queen Victoria in 1893, contains a rampant stag and brolga and representations of cattle, sheep, wheat, and gold. The original Australian coat of arms dates back to 1893 when Queen Victoria granted it to the colony of Queensland. The Latin motto Audax at Fidelis – Bold but Faithful – was used in the design to represent the colony’s tenacity and success. The design also featured sheep, oxen, wheat, and gold.

The current version of the Coat of Arms, which includes the stag and brolga, was created for Queen Elizabeth II’s silver jubilee in 1977. Not native to Australia, the stag represents ties to the old world thanks to a gift of deer from the royal shooting grounds made by Queen Victoria.


The state bird, the brolga, is a graceful bird that stands in for the locals. Design elements from the Queensland Coat of Arms can be found on silver and gold coins. On the other side, three sculpted animals—a Brolga, a cow, and a ram—form the focal points of the design. The denomination, represented by wheat and sugarcane, surrounds the animals. The name QUEENSLAND is displayed on a banner in the design’s footer.

The obverse design centers on a red deer, a Maltese cross, a tiara, and a helmeted knight. At the bottom of the coin is the state motto of Queensland, Audax at Fidelis, and to the right is a miniature of the Queen Elizabeth II Memorial effigy.

The original Queensland Coat of Arms’ ring of ribboned greenery serves as the backdrop design for the coin. Australia’s Coat of Arms Series continues with the third release of these beautiful gold and silver investment coins. These limited-edition coins are perfect for precious metals investors and novice collectors because of their stunning uncirculated polish from the Royal Australian Mint. They are decorated with the state symbol of Queensland, Australia. Purchase one now from the Royal Australian Mint or one of our approved national and international distributors.

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