Coin Collecting Business Continues to Grow!

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Did you know that the coin collecting business continues to grow despite all the inflation, economic uncertainty, and a shaky stock market? Other factors besides the spot price of gold and silver have affected the popularity of bullion and bullion-influenced coins. More people now view collectible coins as an asset class, another factor contributing to this increase. But did you know that there’s more to it than just that? Coins are now marketed as investments as well as collectibles.

Coin Collecting Business Continues to Grow. Why?


Innovative coin dealers are seeking new and exciting ways to connect with their loyal clientele and the wider non-collecting audience. Experience the latest trend in the auction world as auction houses now accept cryptocurrencies. Attend coin shows that divide the bourse into commercial and retail activities. Witness the convenience of a bourse that caters to commercial and pedestrian business needs. Say goodbye to the frustration of being ignored by dealers prioritizing wholesale sales.


The Numismatic Guaranty Corporation is teaming up with Whatnot, the live-streaming shopping platform. They will make collecting coins even more fun and help people connect with their communities, learn about their hobbies, and grow their collections and businesses. Pretty cool, huh? Whatnot is like the biggest live shopping site in the country, so they can connect with more people who like collecting coins.

It’s great that the hobby of coins encourages people to think outside the box. If there’s a lot of interest and competition for coins, it could motivate people who own valuable coins to sell them in this growing and potentially lucrative market.

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