A Coin Collection Sold for almost a Million, A new Exclusive Harley Quinn Funko Pop and a New Release for the Classic ’72 Cortez!

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A passionate collector of sneakers, Funko Pops, and Displates. Paolo has been a sneakerhead since teenager and has built an impressive collection of rare and highly sought-after kicks.

From a coin collection sold for almost a million at auction, to the unveiling of an exclusive Harley Quinn Funko Pop, and a fresh colorway for the iconic ’72 Cortez, there’s something here for every passionate collector and pop culture aficionado!

Coin Collection Sold for almost a Million:

Hidden away in a Boston garage for decades, a captivating collection recently stirred up intense competition among bidders during Heritage’s U.S. Coins Showcase Auction, ultimately achieving a remarkable total of $987,789 on September 11th.

Image Courtesy by Heritage Auctions

This extraordinary assortment included boxes that bore postmarks dating back to 1942, containing untouched letters from the U.S. Mint, all of which had remained sealed until this very auction.

This unique collection was curated during the 1940s, ’50s, and ’60s by the consignors’ grandfathers, who stumbled upon it in the garage, as shared by Sam Foose, Heritage’s senior consignment director.

Image Courtesy by Heritage Auctions

The fact that much of this collection had never been presented at auction before was highlighted by the spirited bidding, emphasizing its historical significance.

The auction’s standout pieces were undoubtedly the boxes of proof sets.

Leading the pack was a box containing 25 unopened, mint-sealed proof sets, which fetched an astonishing $60,000.

Not far behind was a 1952 box containing 50 unopened, mint-sealed sets, securing a price of $28,800.

Image Courtesy by Heritage Auctions

Another box from 1951, containing 25 sets, received a winning bid of $27,600, while a box housing 100 1955 proof sets changed hands for $16,200.

These remarkable proof sets had been concealed in the garage for generations, Sam Foose explained.

Unopened, mint-sealed sets consistently attract great interest due to their impeccable preservation, and the fierce competition during the auction far exceeded initial expectations.

One standout individual coin, a 1909 half-eagle graded MS-66 NGC, reached the highest price at $26,400.

Other notable lots and their realized prices included:

  • An original BU roll of half dollars from Wells Fargo in 1945: $12,000
  • A box containing 25 1954 proof sets: $11,400
  • A box containing 25 1955 proof sets: $10,200

Exclusive Harley Quinn Funko Pop:

Funko has joined forces with DC Comics for an exciting collaboration set to debut at New York Comic Con 2023 this October.

Fans can look forward to this upcoming additions to the Pop line: Harley Quinn.


These limited-edition figures, standing at approximately four inches tall, will be exclusively available for purchase at the convention, running from October 12th to 15th.

Each figure will be priced at $15, making them accessible to collectors and enthusiasts alike. To add a touch of exclusivity, these collectibles will feature a special 2023 NYCC or 2023 Fall Convention sticker adorning the outside of their packaging.

Meanwhile, Harley Quinn’s figure takes inspiration from her appearance in the animated series Max (formerly HBO Max), ensuring that fans of the character will have a delightful addition to their collections.

Classic ’72 Cortez:

When it comes to embodying the quintessential Nike style, few sneakers can match the timeless appeal of the Cortez.

Image Courtesy by Nike

Originally designed as a running shoe in 1972, it has since evolved into one of the most iconic street-ready sneakers in history.

In 2023, it’s making a resurgence, and much of this revival can be attributed to the growing demand for affordable yet fashionable footwear.

The new Cortez ’72 stays true to its classic roots, boasting a sleek, no-frills design.

It features a full leather construction, extending from the main upper body to the distinctive shark toothed edges of the lace collar.

Every detail, from the inner lining to the outsole, is rendered in a crisp, clean white, ready to tackle whatever dirt and grime the pavement may throw its way.

However, a touch of flashy flair comes in the form of metallic silver lace dubrae, adding a hint of glamour to this otherwise understated classic.

Set to hit the shelves soon, this Nike Cortez will be available at a wallet-friendly price of $90. But act fast, as these sneakers are unlikely to linger on the shelves for long, given their enduring popularity and timeless style.

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