Unveiling the Royal Mint’s Dinosaur Coin Collection: A Roaring Tribute to Prehistoric Giants!

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The Royal Mint’s new dinosaur coin collection is set to captivate coin enthusiasts and dinosaur fans alike with the release of the 50p coins showcasing three of the most iconic species of dinosaurs!

Royal Mint’s Dinosaur Coin Collection

The Tyrannosaurus Rex:

Tyrannosaurus Rex 50p Coin | Image by Royal Mint

As the first coin in the collection, the Tyrannosaurus rex takes center stage. Recognized as one of the largest predators to roam the land, T. rex requires no introduction. Formally named in 1905, this fearsome creature once dominated the landscapes of North America approximately 66 million years ago. With bone-crushing jaws and an insatiable appetite, the T. rex remains an enduring symbol of the dinosaur kingdom.

Stegosaurus Stenops:

Stegosaurus Stenops 50p Coin | Image by Royal Mint

Following the T. rex, the coin collection will feature the Stegosaurus stenops, instantly recognizable by the distinctive row of armored plates along its back and a menacing spiked tail. This well-defended herbivore roamed northern America and western Europe approximately 150 million years ago. The Natural History Museum’s Earth Hall houses the world’s most complete Stegosaurus skeleton, providing a glimpse into the fascinating world of this ancient giant.

Diplodocus Carnegii:

Diplodocus Carnegii 50p Coin | Image by Royal Mint

Completing the trio is the Diplodocus Carnegii, another iconic dinosaur known for its long neck and whip-like tail. These true giants of North America, existing around 153 million years ago, will join the collection. Many may recognize Diplodocus as the legendary Dippy, a bronze cast of which once graced the Natural History Museum’s main hall. Visitors can soon admire a bronze cast in the museum’s newly developed gardens, set to open to the public next year.

Coin enthusiasts and collectors can secure their place in history by acquiring these remarkable dinosaur coins, available for purchase or pre-order on The Royal Mint’s official website.

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