New 3-Pack and Exclusive Super-Sized DND Funko Pops!

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The new DND Funko Pops couldn’t contain their excitement and decided to appear early before the scheduled Wednesday release day. You can now get a 3-Pop pack featuring D&D characters Vecna, Mind Flayer, and Demogorgon, along with a super-sized metallic platinum Bahamut.

3-Pack DND Funko Pop:

Dungeon & Dragons Funko Pop

If I recall correctly, only the Demogorgon is a brand-new addition to the 3-pack (no connection to the countless Pops from Stranger Things), while the Vecna and Mind Flayer Pops have graced us with their presence in the past.

Bahamut Super-Sized DND Funko Pop:

Dungeon & Dragons Funko Pop

For those eager to snag the metallic platinum Bahamut, GameStop offers pre-orders for $24.99. As for the Vecna, Mind Flayer, and Demogorgon 3-pack, it’s also up for grabs at GameStop for $39.99, but only as long as supplies last.

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