New Elsie MacGill Canadian 1 Dollar Coin unveiled at Calgary’s Hangar Flight Museum!

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The new Canadian $1 coin features Elsie MacGill and the Hawker Hurricane, the production of which she oversaw as chief engineer at the Canadian Car and Foundry plant in Fort William (Thunder Bay), Ontario, during World War II.

Elsie MacGill Canadian 1 Dollar Coin:


Royal Canadian Mint President and CEO Marie Lemay, who also has a degree in engineering, think MacGill was a fantastic innovator. She went on to say that “unveiling this beautiful coin that tells her story is a very special moment” because “she broke down barriers for me.” Since the Hangar Flight Museum in Calgary has a restored Hawker Hurricane in its collection, the Royal Canadian Mint decided to release its newest limited collector coin there.


According to the Mint, Claire Watson of Tofino, British Columbia, designed the artwork for the reverse of 2023 $1 circulation coin honoring MacGill. On Tuesday, the first of a maximum mintage of three million coins (of which two million will be colored) will enter circulation. Canadians will see it in their change as banks and stores restock their supply of $1 coins.

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