Funko Announces New Pop Yourself Line!

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Ladies and gentlemen, 2023 is a very special year as it marks the 25th anniversary of Funko. We’re excited to announce that the famous toy company has just released special vault figures from their iconic Pop Brand to celebrate! But folks, to add to the nostalgic festivities, Funko is finally giving you a chance to create your Pops with the brand-new Pop Yourself line!


In 2020, they launched this feature for different Funko locations that people could visit in person. The response was overwhelming, and they’re thrilled to announce that they’ve decided to expand the program worldwide. To pick out your Pop’s clothes, hairstyle, and optional companion, head to the Pop Yourself kiosk in the store. This newly expanded line will function similarly and allow you to dress up as some of your beloved licensed characters. Well, folks, the characters haven’t been announced yet. However, Funko is known for making Pops for big names like Disney and DC. So this means there are many exciting possibilities on the horizon.

Pop Yourself Promotional Video:

They announced this on Monday at Funko’s licensing expo summit in Las Vegas, Nevada. The main hook of the company’s historic anniversary is what it’s meant to be. Pop Yourself is set to launch later this year on and at Funko Hollywood and Funko Everett locations. Each Pop will be priced at $30, so your wallet can rest easy.

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