Gold Eagle Coin Sales Skyrocketed in March

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In response to rising precious metals prices and a weakening U.S. dollar, demand for Gold American Eagle bullion coins at the United States Mint increased to 215,000 troy ounces in March. We can only hope that some of these buyers will later take up the hobby rather than continue to treat coins solely as an asset class object, as there is no way to distinguish how many of the buyers were investors with no interest in coin collecting. However, regardless of the purchasers’ demographics, this represents a 277.2 percent increase in sales over the prior month. In addition, the number of ounces sold in the first quarter of 2023 is up 2.1% from the previous year’s period.


While Silver American Eagle sales have gone up for two months in a row, they still lag behind the same period last year. The United States Mint was only able to mint 3.4 billion coins in total, a significant drop from the 3.96 billion coins they managed to mint in 2017. The momentum in the collectors’ market has not wavered, and the rule that quality always triumphs has not changed. Some collectible but widely available coins have seen price increases.

Still, most of the gains have been realized in the rare and extremely rare coin category, specifically when the coins in question are among the finest known examples of their kind. Although over-the-counter sales are brisk, it appears that auction prices are higher. There are no data available to support this claim. Shows continue to attract large crowds, and dealers report healthy sales. Both coin collecting and coin investing are thriving.

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