A New Hunter X Hunter Exclusive Gon Awakened Funko Pop This Summer 2023!

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The anime series Hunter x Hunter is unforgettable. After the success of Yu Yu Hakusho, Hunter x Hunter was Yoshihiro Togashi’s next big project. Despite Hunter x Hunter’s widespread renown among shonen readers in the decades since its release, Gon has had trouble earning the respect of his contemporaries on par with Naruto. However, the staff at Funko is prepared to change his fortunes for the better. That’s exactly right. Funko is about to pay an overdue tribute to Gon Freecs at San Diego Comic-Con with an exclusive


Funko has announced a ton of SDCC exclusives, and one of them is a Gon figure. The toymaker is making Awakened Gon the star of the show by giving it its action figure. This means that Gon’s towering hair has significantly elongated the Funko (and its box). Anime fans are excited to see Hunter x Hunter in the spotlight, and this impressive Funko is getting a lot of attention due to its novel size. Later this month, the Awakened Gon Funko will be released, and those who purchase it at San Diego Comic-Con will receive a special sticker commemorating the event. 

Gon Awakened Funko Pop (A Detailed Look)


If you’re confused, you’ll just have to binge the anime to get the full effect of this new take on Gon. Togashi’s manga introduces us to Awakened Gon at a tense moment when our hero faces off against the ultimate foe: death. Hunter x Hunter is available for streaming on both Hulu and Crunchyroll. 

Although Gon was raised in the country, he has big city dreams. Gon ignores his Aunt Mito’s warnings and trains to become a legendary Hunter like his father. On the first leg of their journey, the Hunter hopefuls are thrown about in a stormy ship, where Gon meets Leorio and Kurapika. Gon and his friends have made it through the dangers of the sea, but now they must pass a series of tests before they can enter the fabled Exam Hall. Will they be able to make it out of there alive, if at all…? I was wondering what you thought of this amazing Hunter x Hunter creation. Is it something you’d like to have in your collection? 

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