King Charles Coronation Coin Unveiled by Royal Mint!

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In a unique coronation collection, King Charles’ crowned image will first appear on coins. The 74-year-old monarch will formally ascend to the throne on May 6 at a ceremony held in London’s Westminster Abbey. The Royal Mint has unveiled a series of commemorative coins, including a 50p and a £5 coin, that will go on sale on April 24.

The Tudor Crown, personally chosen by Charles due to its heraldic use and appearance in portraits of other 20th-century kings despite the headgear having been destroyed in the 1640s, is worn by the monarch in the crowned effigy created by artist and sculptor Martin Jennings.


Moving forward, it will only be used for extremely special collections. “I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to work on a crowned version for the coronation range. This follows my work on the uncrowned coin effigy of His Majesty,” Martin said.

The crown requires meticulous attention to detail, so getting it right has taken a lot of effort. I’m honored to have had the chance to create a design for this momentous occasion that is both dignified and celebratory. Westminster Abbey, where Charles and his wife, Queen Consort Camilla, will be crowned next month, is depicted on the reverse of the collectible 50p.

Natasha Jenkins, a Royal Mint Product Designer who created the design, said: “I feel so honored to have had the chance to work on this project. I was motivated to include Westminster Abbey because it plays such an iconic role in the coronation. As a result, I went with a stylized line drawing of the iconic British landmark, along with King Charles’ cypher and crown to signify his coronation as king. “During the design phase, I am constantly on the lookout for finishing touches. Because I knew the design’s negative spaces would be polished and the relief spaces would be frosted, I went with a linear layout.


This will provide the coin with numerous opportunities for casual play. “I’ll be able to look back and be proud when I show my kids this coin I made for the Coronation in the future.” Timothy Noad created the image of the St. Edward’s Crown that appears on the £5 bill’s reverse. Some ounce coins in various editions and sizes, with the king’s crowned portrait on one side and a John Bergdahl creation on the reverse, are also included in the commemorative collection.

Along with the five million memorial 50ps released last year, the first coinage to feature the new monarch, five million 50ps featuring Martin’s original uncrowned effigy of Charles will also go into circulation later this year.

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