New Exclusive Miles Morales Funko Pop Releasing in October 2023 is Now Available for Pre-Order!

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Have you seen the new Miles Morales Funko Pop releasing in October? Disney’s 100-year anniversary celebration continues with a fresh, web-swinging Funko figure. In honor of its centenary, Disney has collaborated with Funko to introduce a range of collectibles inspired by its vast collection of iconic characters. Disney boasts the largest roster of globally recognized characters, either through their creation or acquisition, and Funko is contributing to the festivities by crafting a series of collectible vinyl figures.

Several months after the immensely successful launch of Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, Funko unveils a collectible Miles Morales Pop Train figurine. This latest addition joins other beloved Funko Disney100 offerings, such as Pop Train Woody from Toy Story, Tinkerbell from Peter Pan, and R2D2 from Star Wars. The Miles Morales Pop figure is part of a broader lineup of Marvel characters, including Black Panther and Peter Parker’s Spider-Man, enabling fans to build their own Avengers team.

Miles Morales Funko Pop:


POP Trains: D100 – Miles: The Pop Miles on Subway Cart figurine showcases Miles Morales donning his iconic black and red Spider-Man suit, poised in a stance that hints at his readiness to confront one of the numerous adversaries from Spider-Man’s rogues’ gallery. Even more delightful is that Miles is perched atop a classic NYC subway car adorned with playful pro-Spider-Man graffiti. Including the subway car is a wonderful tribute to Miles Morales’ origins and the essence of New York City itself, an integral backdrop to many Spider-Man tales.


While the Spider-Man variants featured in “Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse” are undoubtedly a major attraction, the film’s heart lies in Miles Morales’ journey. This Funko collectible commemorates the character’s box office success while appealing to dedicated comic enthusiasts who have championed Morales for years. Standing at approximately 5.3 inches in height, this vinyl figure is perfectly suited for a prominent display on the shelves of collectors’ homes.

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