The Royal Canadian Mint Released a New Elizabeth II Coin in a Black Rhodium-Plated Silver Finish!

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The Royal Canadian Mint has introduced a new Elizabeth II coin in a black rhodium-plated silver finish! These coins pay homage to one of history’s most iconic reigns as the approaching first anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s passing (1926–2022) draws near. A prominent element of this tribute is the royal cypher, a symbol uniquely identifying the Late Queen throughout her reign.

New Elizabeth II Coin in a Black Rhodium-Plated Silver Finish:

Image by Royal Canadian Mint

The Queen’s royal cypher, also known as her monogram, was a familiar sight to most Canadians, gracing orders, decorations, medals, and badges. Serving as an emblem of the Crown’s authority, Queen Elizabeth II’s distinctive emblem was synonymous with sovereignty in Canada from 1953 to 2022.

This numismatic masterpiece is a poignant tribute to the late Queen Elizabeth II, an esteemed figure known for upholding continuity and embodying the essence of enduring leadership. This coin celebrates her extraordinary legacy, a testament to her historic accomplishment as the longest-reigning monarch in English, British, and Canadian history. Queen Elizabeth II left an indelible mark on the world stage throughout her remarkable 70-year reign, spanning both the latter half of the 20th century and the first two decades of the 21st century.

Image by Royal Canadian Mint

In a poignant expression of mourning, this numismatic tribute features black rhodium plating on both its obverse and reverse sides. The reverse design showcases Queen Elizabeth II’s royal cypher. This composition intertwines her initials “E” and “R,” separated by the numeral “II,” symbolizing her regal title, “Regina” (meaning “Queen” in Latin). Adjacent to the cypher, an image of St. Edward’s Crown takes its place.

Surrounding the cypher are ornate beads reminiscent of the exquisite gold beads and clusters of stones adorning St. Edward’s Crown. Among these embellishments, four larger faceted shapes represent the distinct effigies of Queen Elizabeth II that have graced Canadian coinage since 1953. Beneath the cypher, the inscription “CANADA” is featured, accompanied by the denomination “20 DOLLARS.”

Image by Royal Canadian Mint

On the obverse side, the Royal Canadian Mint’s skilled engravers have masterfully arranged the four effigies to overlap each other gracefully. These puppets, each representing a different era, include:

  • The Susanna Blunt portrait was employed from 2003 to the present day.
  • Dora de Pédery-Hunt’s effigy was introduced in 1990 and used until 2002.
  • Arnold Machin’s iconic depiction of the Queen, characterized by her draped shoulders, debuted in 1965 and graced coinage until 1989.
  • Mary Gillick’s mature portrait of the Queen, adorned with a laurel headdress, first featured on Canada’s coinage in 1953, the year of her coronation, and retired in 1964.

A small Tudor rose marks the historical timeline underneath this row of puppets. Notably, this distinctive obverse design excludes the collector coins within the Queen Elizabeth II memorial “Reign” collection.

The use of silver is cleverly reserved for the obverse side, where the contrast between the silver effigies and the black rhodium plating creates a striking visual contrast, drawing the viewer’s attention to the captivating portraits of the Late Queen.

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