New Exclusive Spider-Man Mary Jane Funko Pop with Speech Bubble!

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In 1966, Stan Lee and John Romita Sr. introduced Mary Jane Watson to Peter Parker’s life in Amazing Spider-Man #42. Her existence had been hinted at in earlier issues. “Face it, tiger…you just hit the jackpot!” were her first words to Peter, and what an entrance it was! It foreshadowed the events of the next 57 years (and counting).

Entertainment Earth Exclusive Mary Jane Funko Pop:


Yes, Mary Jane’s debut moment is undoubtedly one of the most iconic comic book panels ever. That’s precisely why it’s the ideal subject to launch Funko’s line of Pop figures with speech bubbles incorporated into the mold. However, it’s worth noting that a Freddy Funko Pop in 2016 had a speech bubble sign. Adding this to the Funko Pop line is a no-brainer, and we’re hoping this will be just the beginning. As the first one, you can anticipate that this Mary Jane Watson Funko Pop will be a highly sought-after item, particularly because it’s exclusive to Entertainment Earth.

And did we mention that Spider-Man also robbed a bank in this issue? Oh, it seemed like that was the case. However, it turns out that he detected a bomb in one of the money bags and had to remove it by force. As you all know, the real jackpot was Mary Jane Watson. He encountered her for the first time when he declined his girlfriend Gwen Stacy’s invitation to a party.

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