New Gwen Stacy Funko Pop as Spider Gwen and it’s awesome!

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We are about to witness a case of spider dominance! Did you hear the news? There is a new Gwen Stacy Funko Pop as Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse has been doing great at the box office since its release in theaters! It’s now the second-highest IMAX opening ever for any animated film and the second-highest box office debut of 2023. Funko is releasing a brand new Spider-Gwen Pop figure, and let me tell you, this web-slinger from Miles Morales’ multiverse is killing it with an impressive opening haul.


Introducing the latest addition to the Pop! Comic cover collection – a vinyl bobblehead of Gwen Stacy preparing for battle. This little figurine stands around 4.35 inches tall. You can purchase Spider-Gwen’s miniature figure for $30.00 on the Funko Pop website. Check out this Pop figure of Gwen Stacy in her spider suit! It even has a protective case and a cover art behind the miniature collectible.


Five years after the release of Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse, the sequel has arrived to outperform not only the first film but also make a mark in the superhero genre. As we follow Miles Morales’ journey through the Spider-Verse, we witness his encounters with countless web-slingers from different timelines. This film franchise has established a multiverse where Spider-Man exists in various forms and universes, paving the way for more intricate Spider-Man tales in the future.

It has been reported that Sony produced Across the Spider-Verse for $100 million. However, it seems that Sony’s investment is yielding positive results. So far, we’ve seen positive reviews and an impressive box office haul for Miles Morales’ universe. It’s possible that this could be the best Spider-Man universe we have seen since Sam Raimi’s iteration of the friendly neighborhood superhero decades ago.

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