New Little Mermaid Funko Pop Available for Purchase!

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The Little Mermaid’s highly anticipated debut in theaters this summer is drawing near. The official Funko Twitter account has released a better look at their brand-new tie-in Deluxe Pop! figure, featuring Ariel with her beloved friends, to generate more interest in Disney‘s latest live-action remake. The statue depicts Halle Bailey’s Ariel, who played a role in the film, relaxing on a rock on the ocean’s shore. The newest Pop! from Funko’s Little Mermaid line is a vibrant addition to any collector’s shelf, thanks to the striking contrast between her red hair and the translucent blue plastic at the figure’s base.

Little Mermaid Funko Pop:


Fans will want to pick up this latest figure for more than just Ariel. Characters from the film, such as Sebastian the Crab, Scuttle, and Flounder (who can be seen poking his head out of the water), are included in the figurine, recreating some of the film’s most memorable scenes. The figure, which costs $30 and captures the essence of the original film, is now up for pre-order on the official Funko website. It is unclear if any further Little Mermaid action figures will be unveiled. However, fans can also look into previously revealed figures from the line, which feature characters like Ursula and Prince Eric and make excellent additions to any collection.

The Little Mermaid is the most recent in a string of successful live-action adaptations of Disney animated features. Deadline previously reported that the movie was expected to have a roaring $110 million opening weekend in the United States. There is no denying the success of Disney’s live-action remakes at the box office, with several films, including The Lion King, Aladdin, and Beauty and the Beast, crossing the $1 billion threshold. With so much competition coming in the next few weeks, it’s still too soon to say if The Little Mermaid will break the $1 billion mark. But now that the film is only a few weeks away, audiences can finally experience the underwater musical spectacular for themselves.

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