Disney Continues to Celebrate Their 100th Anniversary With This New Woody Funko Pop!

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Did you see the new Woody Funko Pop? We’re excited to announce that Funko is adding a new Toy Story Funko Pop to their collection as part of Disney‘s 100th-anniversary celebration. We’re excited to share that Disney is making the most of its centennial by partnering with many well-known brands to release special “Disney100” merchandise. Their collaborators include Coach, LEGO, and Funko, so there’s something for everyone. 

Funko’s Disney100 Pops showcases a wide range of characters that have significantly contributed to Disney’s pop culture legacy. They have already released some amazing items such as Darth Vader, Hannah Montana, and a one-of-a-kind faceted Tinkerbell Pop! And guess what? They have more exciting releases coming your way! Funko has just released a new item that pays tribute to the beloved Toy Story franchise and the Pixar universe. This delightful piece showcases Woody atop a train car version of the iconic Pixar Luxo Ball.

Woody Funko Pop


POP Trains: D100-Woody: “Let’s go!” Bring a little bit of Disney magic home with you in the form of the rootin’, tootin’ cowboy. Pop brings this sheriff into your home. Woody on the Luxo Ball Pop is a way to celebrate Disney’s 100th anniversary. Woody rides on Luxo Ball on this new version of the famous Pixar Luxo Ball that looks like a train car. Get this one-of-a-kind Pop! Woody on a Luxo Ball for your Disney train to finish your Pop! Trains collection. The vinyl figure is about 5.3 inches high. You can find more Funko items on Amazon.

It’s been over 20 years since Toy Story was released, and it’s easy to forget the impact that Woody and his friends had. In 1995, Disney released Toy Story as their first film at Pixar. It completely revolutionized animated movies and propelled Disney Studios to global recognition. The Disney100 Woody Pop Train reflects this by including Pixar’s Luxo Ball, a reference to Luxo Jr., one of the studio’s earliest short films. In the first Toy Story, the ball is featured multiple times. One of the instances is when Buzz Lightyear makes his entrance and bounces off it while trying to prove his flying abilities.

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