There is a New Wave of One Piece Wano Funko Pops Following the Live-Action Success!

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Have you seen the new wave of One Piece Wano Funko Pops? One Piece has been around for quite a while, spanning over 25 years, so it’s far from being a new series. However, it’s currently experiencing a surge in popularity thanks to its live-action adaptation hitting Netflix just two weeks ago.

Season one of the show has been breaking records previously held by heavy hitters like Wednesday and Stranger Things, drawing in millions of viewers. Now, for those who’ve recently jumped on the One Piece bandwagon, there’s some exciting news – a collection of new One Piece Funko Pop figures is on the horizon.

The introduction of these additional Funko Pop! figures was announced as part of this week’s Wednesday Pop drop, as reported by While the Netflix adaptation’s success didn’t directly inspire these new figures, the timing couldn’t be more perfect.

One Piece Wano Funko Pops:


All nine of these fresh figures are based on characters from One Piece’s Wano arc and are currently available for pre-order. Release dates may vary depending on your specific Pop figure, with some slated to ship as early as October 22, 2023.


6 new Pop figures will debut: Chopperemon, Usohachi, Sangoro, Onami, Orobi, and a larger-than-life Franosuke. If you want to get your hands on Chopperemon and Franosuke Pops, you can secure pre-orders through Gamestop.

Alternatively, you can visit the store’s website to explore and pre-order the remaining figures. Among these, two more of the six newly revealed Pop figures deserve special mention: Orobi, scheduled for release on November 11, and last but certainly not least, Usohachi, whose Pop is slated to hit shelves on November 28.

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