New Funko Pops as Peter Pan Celebrates Its 70th Anniversary!

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Hey, did you hear the news? Funko is adding some new Peter Pan Pops! to their Disney 100 line to celebrate Disney and the boy who never grew up. Oh, cool, have you seen the Funko Pops! for Peter Pan? They have one with him playing his flute and another with Captain Hook. There’s also one with Wendy flying through the air and two different ones for Tinker Bell – one where she’s on a mirror and another where she’s trapped.
And last but not least, there’s a mermaid one too! Wow, these Pops nailed the vibrant colors from the animated movie, don’t you think?


It’s pretty cool! Wow, the Peter Pan and Tinker Bell Movie Poster Pop is the crown jewel of this new collection! Oh, I love this piece! It’s a recreation of the iconic hand-drawn poster from the film. Do you know the one where Peter and Tink are flying high against a backdrop of trees? It’s just so magical! Those characters are both Pops Tink is especially cute because she’s a mini figure! Be sure to check these Funko Pops out!

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