A Rare 20p Coin Sold for 1,000 Times its Face Value!

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All around the globe, numerous individuals have a passion for amassing antique items. Whether acquiring rare artworks or building a collection of exquisite handicrafts, many people cultivate a hobby of gathering these one-of-a-kind treasures. Similarly, there’s another popular form of collecting—coins.


Those with a deep fascination for collecting unique and uncommon coins are called numismatists. Presently, a novel kind of coin is gaining traction on the internet. The 20-pence coin has been embroiled in a lengthy bidding war on eBay, and enthusiasts who relish collecting this rare coin are going to great lengths to acquire it.

According to reports, the 20p coin has fetched over a thousand times its face value in just one week of bidding on eBay. This coin holds special significance due to its origin – it was mistakenly minted on a copper-colored blank in 1983, resulting in an exceedingly rare bronze 20p coin.

1983 Bronze Rare 20p Coin:


An individual possessed it back in 2016 and was so intrigued by its uniqueness that they sent it to the Royal Mail that same year. Subsequently, the Royal Mail generated substantial profit thanks to five buyers who engaged in 28 bids on eBay.


Following the protracted bidding war, this coin ultimately fetched EUR 232, a staggering 1,000 times its original face value. Individuals who possess such rare coins are gaining significant popularity on the internet. There’s a growing community of numismatists eager to participate in auctions and even willing to pay exorbitant prices for these exceptional and scarce coins. The value of these coins hinges on their current demand and rarity within the collector’s market.

Recently, another coin made headlines, specifically the Kew Gardens 50p coin in the UK, which received over 32 bids. Reportedly, this exceptionally rare coin was sold for EUR 165. It stood out as one of the most sought-after coins among collectors, particularly noteworthy because only 210,000 50p coins were ever minted.

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