Stocking Up on New Coins is Becoming a Challenge!

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More and more people are going to coin shows. In the same way, there are still many enthusiastic people at local and regional coin club meetings. For quite a while, active bidders at auctions have risen. Because the bidding is so hot, people who put away coin collections years ago continue to bring them out and sell them at these auctions.


In addition, the U.S. Mint keeps putting out new collectibles that sell quickly and keep their value on the secondary market. Gold, silver, and platinum all have spot prices that are still pretty high. All these things show a good market for people who like to collect coins. These things also show that investors and speculators are still interested in bullion and collectible coins.


If there is any bad news, it is that a Roman gold Ides of March coin with Brutus bragging about killing Julius Caesar was recently seized and sent back to Italy because it had been brought into the country illegally. However, most of us don’t care too much about this coin, so it’s unlikely that it will hurt the coin business or hobby. Its attention may have made more people want to start collecting.

Finding new coins to sell is still the hardest part of being in the coin business. Better stuff, whether rare or common, moves quickly off the shelves. It’s just as hard for auction houses to get more items as for over-the-counter dealers. People still talk about whether or not our society should do away with cash, but you wouldn’t know it by how busy coin collecting is.

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