The 2023 American Women Quarters Goes on Sale!

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The United States Mint (Mint) is offering the 2023 American Women quarters in rolls and bags commemorating Jovita Idar. This release marks the ninth addition to the American Women Quarters Program. It is a four-year initiative designed to honor remarkable women who have left an indelible mark on our nation’s history, influencing generations that succeeded them. The Jovita Idar quarter is a tribute to her enduring legacy and her significant contributions to our society.

2023 American Women Quarters featuring Jovita Idar:


Please note that there are purchase restrictions in place for these items. For the 100-coin bags, each household is limited to a maximum of 10 orders. Similarly, for the two-roll and three-roll sets, each household is restricted to a maximum of three orders. This ensures fair distribution and allows more collectors to acquire these items.


The American Women quarters rolls, and bags are also accessible for purchase via the Mint’s Subscription Program. This system operates similarly to a magazine subscription. Once enrolled, you’ll receive the forthcoming product within the series and continue to receive subsequent releases until you decide to terminate your subscription. To delve deeper into the details, you can explore our subscriptions page for comprehensive information.

Due to a remarkable surge in demand, a significant portion of the three-roll set production has already been allocated through subscriptions. This highlights the popularity and appeal of this program among collectors.


Ignite inspiration across the globe. Explore the American Women Quarters Program today and embark on a journey of collecting this monumental series that pays homage to exceptional women. Their accomplishments, victories, and enduring legacies serve as a testament to our nation’s unwavering strength and resilience.

This pioneering initiative, the American Women Quarters Program, is a remarkable avenue to impart a valuable lesson to upcoming generations – that remarkable feats can be achieved through unwavering vision, unrelenting determination, and a genuine commitment to enhancing opportunities for everyone.

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