The Market For Rare Coins Continues to Thrive!

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The rare coin market remains robust, with long-absent rarities reemerging in significant auctions, likely driven by current owners capitalizing on the strong market conditions to maximize their selling prices. This pattern of true rarities appearing in auctions has been consistent for approximately three years.

Market For Rare Coins Continues to Thrive


This enduring “rally” in the coin business and hobby is one of the longest-lasting on record, and there are no indications of its momentum waning. The only market sector facing challenges is bullion coinage, as the fluctuating global exchange rates for the dollar directly impact the prices of gold, silver, and platinum coins. Despite these fluctuations, bullion and coins with intrinsic value have maintained a relatively predictable trading range.


Contrary to the usual summer slowdown, coin sales have remained relatively steady this year. The forthcoming American Numismatic Association convention in Pittsburgh is expected to mark the beginning of the new buying season, extending through January when the Florida United Numismatists convention is anticipated to infuse further vitality into the market.

The U.S. Mint continues to foster interest in coins through collector-focused releases and circulating commemorative quarters that reach the general public’s pockets. This accessibility will likely attract more individuals to the hobby, fostering an atmosphere of optimism.

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