Beautiful Ides of March Roman Coin Goes on Sale!

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In a press release, the world-famous numismatic auction house Stack’s Bowers Galleries announced the discovery of an extraordinary Ides of March roman coin that will be the highlight of their August 2023 Global Showcase Auction. The auction’s highlight is the famous EID MAR Denarius, minted by M. Junius Brutus, the infamous assassin of Julius Caesar and a former close confidant.

The coin is an unrivaled masterpiece because of its significance in studying ancient numismatics. Around 42 B.C., roughly two and a half years after the assassination of Julius Caesar, this historically significant coin was minted. The coin’s intriguing iconography tells a powerful story: the Phrygian cap represents the freedom of the Republic from tyranny, and the two daggers represent how Caesar was killed.

Ides of March Roman Coin:


The coin also includes the assassination date, written in Roman numerals as “EID MAR” to remember the Ides of March, when the murderous plot was hatched. Due to the recent surge in popularity of such ancient coins, experts predict the EID MAR Denarius will fetch a remarkable price at auction. This year, comparable examples have sold for jaw-dropping prices of $600,000 to $720,000. The excitement at the Stack’s Bowers auction will match the coin’s rarity and historical significance.

The upcoming Stack’s Bowers Galleries auction will be the third time items from the Dr. Michael Rogers Collection have been made public. Auctions of gold aurei from this collection from Elagabalus, Macrinus, and Otho have already set astounding new records. An exceptional find among ancient coins, the silver EID MAR Denarius could sell for as much as $300,000. Although many thousands of these coins were produced then, only about a hundred are known to exist still.

While the vast majority have been found in Greece, a few examples have also turned up in other countries, demonstrating the coin’s global circulation until at least 4 B.C. Fans of ancient history and coins are waiting with bated breath for the auction of the rare EID MAR Denarius, which is expected to bring in bidders worldwide.

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