New Tinkerbell Funko Pop as Disney Celebrate 100 Years!

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Fans of the Funko line and Peter Pan now have an item they simply must have. In honor of its centennial, The Walt Disney Company has released several product lines paying tribute to the company’s many years in the entertainment industry and the countless iconic intellectual properties it has created. In honor of Disney’s centennial, the company has partnered with a bevy of global licensees, from luxury labels like Coach and Givenchy to toymakers like LEGO, Mattel, Hasbro, and Funko.

Many new Funko Pop! figures honoring Disney’s iconic legacy have been released; just last month, a faceted R2-S2 from the Star Wars franchise was released. They’ve already returned to Walt Disney’s roots by introducing Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, and now another classic character, Tinkerbell, will emerge to make audiences everywhere believe in magic. After being created by J. M. Barrie for his play and novelization of Peter Pan, she quickly rose to fame in the 1953 film adaptation.

Tinkerbell Funko Pop Facet: A Closer Look


Disney’s D100 Facet Tinkerbell Pop! Put some magic in your Disney stuff and watch it soar! This faceted Pop! Tinker Bell is a Funko exclusive, and it’s a great way to celebrate Disney’s 100th anniversary and bring some magic into your home.

The height of the vinyl figure is about 4.8 inches. MSRP: $14.99. Tinkerbell has never looked more glamorous than she does in this limited-edition, faceted Funko Pop! doll.


In addition, with a new take on the beloved fairy set to be introduced to audiences in the upcoming live-action Peter Pan & Wendy remake, now is the perfect time to add a classic Tinkerbell to one’s Disney collection.

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