The 2023-W Uncirculated American Palladium Eagle Coin Reaches Almost 4,000 in sales!

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The U.S. Mint’s top three selling products for the week leading up to September 10, 2023, were the 2023 Proof Set and the 2023 Silver Proof Set and the newly launched 2023-W Uncirculated American Palladium Eagle ranked third in sales during that period.

The uncirculated Palladium Eagle, released on September 7 for $2,150, saw an impressive start with four-day sales reaching 3,683 coins, which accounts for 61.4% of its maximum mintage set at 6,000 coins.

2023 Uncirculated American Palladium Eagle Coin:


It’s important to note that comparing the sales of American Palladium Eagles over the years wouldn’t be entirely fair due to deliberate changes made to the series.

These changes include the introduction of the bullion coin in 2017, the proof coin in 2018, the reverse proof coin in 2019, and the very first uncirculated coin in 2020, each offered at different price points.


For instance, the 2020 uncirculated Palladium Eagle, with an initial price of $3,000, achieved impressive four-day starting sales of 9,971 coins.

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