The New US Mint 2023 Proof Set Available for Purchase!

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The initial 2023 Proof Set sales numbers are from the United States Mint. Within six days after its release on Tuesday, June 20, the set sold 219,181. As a result of its success, it was the Mint’s best-selling item that week. 

US Mint 2023 Proof Set:

The 2023 Proof Set includes proof versions of the following five coins from the American Women QuartersTM Program:

  • Bessie Coleman
    • Flight pioneer, civil rights activist, and trailblazer who broke barriers as the first Native American woman pilot, the first African American to earn an international pilot’s license, and the first African American to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. 
  • Edith Kanakaʻole
    • Native Hawaiian singer, musician, hula teacher, and steward of Hawaiian heritage and ecosystems.
  • Eleanor Roosevelt
    • U.N. Human Rights Commission Chairwoman, Author, Human Rights Advocate, and Key Player in the Adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  • Jovita Idar
    • Journalist, activist, educator, community organizer, suffragist, and advocate for bilingual education and women’s suffrage among Mexican Americans.
  • Maria Tallchief
    • The first Native American to achieve the status of a prima ballerina in the United States

Over the years, Proof Set releases have occurred on various days of the week and months, with Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday being the most common. Although the 2021 and 2022 Proof Sets have been out of stock, they have not yet reached their maximum quantity allowed. For a long time now, their weekly sales have been fluctuating slightly.

US Mint Proof Set Top Sellers

2023 Proof Set (+219,181)


2023-W Uncirculated Silver Eagle (+1,311 to 116,430)


2022 Mint Set (+1,228 to 233,933)


2023 American Women Quarters Proof Set (+526 to 44,603)


2022 Silver Proof Set (+433 to 242,840)


The most recent report from the United States Mint detailed sales of 323 different types of collectible coins. Seventy of these items increased their sales compared to the previous week, up from just 30 in the previous report. Two products saw an increase in sales of over 1,000 units, compared to just one in the previous report before the release of the new proof set. 

In addition, the report found that weekly sales for 7 products were negative, up from 3 in the previous report. The sales drops ranged from one to three hundred sixty-six, with the 2023-P&D Eleanor Roosevelt Quarters Two-Roll Sets experiencing the largest drop. Decreases of 35 for 2023-P&D Eleanor Roosevelt Quarters Two-Roll Sets, 276 for 2023-D Eleanor Roosevelt Quarters in 100-Coin Bags, and 279 for 2023-P Eleanor Roosevelt Quarters in 100-Coin Bags were also seen in the other roll and bag products containing Eleanor Roosevelt quarters.

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