A New Wall-E Funko Pop Emerges as Disney Continues to Celebrate 100 Years!

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Since Wall-E’s release, the robot has been widely considered one of Pixar’s cutest characters. Funko has now made him even more endearing. The robot now comes as a cute Funko Pop only available at Funko retail stores. When Wall-E was released in theaters in 2008, it immediately became a fan favorite.


Since then, he has become one of Pixar’s most recognizable icons, alongside the toys, the Incredibles, and Monsters, Inc. Watching the film without feeling a warm glow toward the robot would be difficult. Fans’ hearts will be warmed every time they peek at their collection of Funko Pops from now on. The film chronicles the efforts of the titular trash-collecting robot on a desolate Earth. But after meeting EVE, another robot sent to Earth to search for signs of life, his entire life and purpose are transformed.


Andrew Stanton directed Wall-E, and he and Jim Reardon wrote the screenplay based on a story he and Pete Docter came up with. Voices of Ben Burtt, Elisa Knight, Jeff Garlin, John Ratzenberger, Kathy Najimy, and Sigourney Weaver can be heard throughout.

Funko Pop figures based on Wall-E and the Pixar canon are nothing new. Funko has action figures of all the studio’s film characters on their website and at most major retailers. The new Wall-E Funko has been carefully crafted to look like the character in the film but with a humorous spin.

The New Wall-E Funko Pop:


The new Disney 100 series includes this Wall-E Funko Pop! Funko has created a special line of 100th-anniversary action figures to mark Disney’s centennial. This Wall-E is the most recent result of the festivities. This year, new collectible figures of well-known characters like R2-D2, Spider-Man, and many more have been released.

The aesthetic isn’t the only thing that separates Disney’s 100th-anniversary line from the rest. Funko says these figures have a “faceted look.” They’re stylized to look like precious gems, with sharp, angular corners. A result that stands out from the crowd in terms of visual appeal.

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