New Yamato Exclusive Funko Pop With Masked Chase Variant Joins the One Piece Crew!

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Fans of One Piece can add Yamato, son of Kaido, to their collection of exclusive Funko Pops. Moreover, it’s an exclusive version of a stunning figure. To top it all off, a select number of fans will mysteriously have the masked Chase figure on their doorstep.

Yamato Exclusive Funko Pop

Yamato Exclusive Funko Pop | Image by Funko
Yamato Exclusive Funko Pop (Chase) | Image by Funko

The only catch is that it’s a Funko exclusive, so tracking one down might prove challenging. You should immediately order it if you see it for sale at the Funko Shop. While the exact drop date is unknown, you can sign up for notifications on Funko’s website.

Other One Piece Funko Pops to be Released in Funko Fair 2023:


Returning to Funko Pop after a long hiatus, the Straw Hat crew includes the AAA Anime exclusive Red Hawk Luffy (with a chance at a glow Chase), the Deluxe Hungry Big Mom, a super-sized Kaido, Roronoa Zora, Jinbe (with Chase), and more for Funko Fair 2023. The manga and anime adaptations of One Piece are great ways to get caught up. These are just some of the best anime Funko Pops today! If you want to watch some One Piece, the show is currently airing new weekly episodes on Hulu and Crunchyroll, progressing through the Wano saga.

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