1964-D Kennedy Half Dollar: Do You Need This in Your Collection?

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The 1964D Kennedy Half Dollar holds a special place in American numismatic history. Released just months after President John F. Kennedy’s tragic assassination, this coin serves as a poignant tribute to the nation’s 35th president.

What makes the 1964D version particularly noteworthy is its origin from the Denver Mint, indicated by the “D” mint mark, and its composition of 90% silver—the last US half dollar to boast such high silver content.

Collectors and enthusiasts often seek out the 1964D Kennedy Half Dollar for its historical significance and its unique characteristics.

A Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) coin from this mint should exhibit no wear, maintaining its original luster and sharp details as if freshly struck.

Key Features of the 1964-D Kennedy Half Dollar


The 1964-D Kennedy Half Dollar, struck in Denver, showcases several unique attributes. With a 90% silver composition, it carries substantial intrinsic value. Here are some of the essential features you should know:


  • It is made of 90% silver and 10% copper.
  • The coin weighs 12.5 grams and has a diameter of 30.6 millimeters.


  • Designed by Gilroy Roberts.
  • The obverse side of the coin features a portrait of President Kennedy, while the reverse side shows the presidential seal.
  • Collectors often seek coins with high strike quality, known for sharp detail in Kennedy’s hair and facial features

Mint Mark

  • Mint Mark
    • It was minted at the Denver Mint, and the coin’s reverse side shows a “D” mint mark.
    • The mint mark can be seen near the eagle’s tail feathers.

error & rarity

  • The 1964-D Kennedy Half Dollar is not as rare as its Philadelphia counterpart, but it is still valuable in your collection.
  • Some 1964-D Kennedy Half Dollars have a doubled die obverse (DDO) error.

Current Market Value

GradesPrice as of June 2024
Good (G-4)$16
Very Good (VG-8)$16
Fine (F-12)$16
Very Fine (F-20)$16
Extremely Fine (E-40)$16
About Uncirculated (AU-50)$16
Uncirculated (MS-60)$17
Brilliant Uncirculated (MS-65)$56

As of June 2024, the 1964-D Kennedy Half Dollar is worth around $16 in average circulated condition. However, the value can be much higher if the coin is in uncirculated (MS+) condition, with prices ranging from $17 to $56 or more.

A rare double die is valued at $250 right now.

Double Die 1964-D Kennedy Half Dollar

1964 d kennedy half dollar ms 65 pcgs ddo fs 101 287237 Slab
  • Population of 31 coins at this grade level, with 9 graded higher
  • PCGS encapsulation guarantees the coin’s MS-65 condition

Factors Affecting Value


Regarding market value, well-preserved 1964-D half dollars often see competitive bidding at auctions. An example includes the sale of a PCGS MS67 coin for $5,405.

This highlights the significant investment potential for coins in exceptional condition. The NGC and PCGS certification provides added assurance of the coin’s quality, authenticity, and grade, making certified coins more appealing to serious collectors.

There are several factors to consider when it comes to the value of a 1964-D Kennedy Half Dollar. Here are some of the key factors that can affect the value of this coin:


The condition of a 1964-D Kennedy Half Dollar profoundly affects its value.

Pristine coins, with little to no wear and unmarred surfaces, typically command a premium. Collectors seek out those gleaming with luster, virtually untouched by time and human hands.

Conversely, heavily worn or damaged coins, their surfaces marred by the passage of countless hands and the elements, tend to be less valuable.


Mintage numbers play a crucial role in determining a coin’s worth. The 1964-D Kennedy Half Dollar, with a mintage of 156,205,446, reveals its relative abundance.

Compared to other Kennedy Half Dollars, this figure appears vast, potentially influencing the coin’s availability in the market.

Yet, among these figures, some coins emerge with subtle distinctions, setting them apart from their numerous kin and inviting collectors’ attention.


Scarcity breathes life into the allure of any collectible, and the 1964-D Kennedy Half Dollar is no exception. Although not inherently rare by count, specific variations capture collectors’ imaginations and wallets.

Consider the “double die” error, where the design appears ghost-like, lightly echoing its correct form. These anomalies transform common coins into sought-after relics, especially when preserved in excellent condition.

A pristine error coin doesn’t just whisper of rarity; it shouts it, framing these nuances in a vivid tableau of historical and numismatic value.

Is it Worth Collecting?


The 1964-D Kennedy Half Dollar is a remarkable piece for any coin collection.

Its 90% silver composition and historical significance make it a must-have. Collectors are particularly drawn to its design details and the potential for finding rare variations like the “double die” error. High-quality specimens, especially those certified by PCGS, can fetch impressive prices.

Whether you’re a seasoned numismatist or a new collector, this coin offers aesthetic appeal and investment potential.

Its history, artistry, and rarity make it a valuable addition to any collection.

Before you go…

So, if you want to add some coins to your collection, the 1964-D Kennedy Half Dollar is worth considering!

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