What is the Ancient Coin Collectors Guild and Why We Must Support Them?

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The Ancient Coin Collectors Guild is a non-profit group of people who are interested in collecting ancient coins.

The ACCG’s mission is to promote the knowledge and understanding of ancient coins and help educate potential collectors about how to start an ancient coin collection.

What is the Ancient Coin Collectors Guild?


The Ancient Coin Collectors Guild (ACCG) is a non-profit organization that studies and preserves ancient coins.

The ACCG was founded in 2004. They are dedicated to preserving, researching, and displaying old coins from all cultures. In addition, they are collectors and numismatic experts.

Since the Renaissance, coin collectors, and merchants have carried out most numismatic research.

The efforts of generations of numismatists have led to the discovery and conservation of untold numbers of ancient coins and a better public understanding of the ancient cultures that were created.

By a group of coin collectors who shared a common interest in studying and preserving ancient coins.

What is the Mission of the Ancient Coin Collectors Guild?

The ACCG was established to represent ancient coin collectors’ interests in problems that could harm their hobby.

They fear that ideologues within the archaeological establishment have turned efforts to protect public collections and archaeological sites into a crusade to suppress the public’s long-standing right to preserve, study, and display antiquities, including ones as common as ancient coins.

This is because of a widespread disinformation campaign about the extent of looting at the Iraqi and Afghan national museums.

They risk having their right to collect ancient coins legislated out of existence by uninformed decision-makers who have been told that anything “old” should belong to the government of the country where it is found and that only academic elites should have a right to study it unless they voice their opinions to decision-makers in the legislative and administrative branches of government on the complex issues surrounding the preservation of historical sites.

The Ancient Coin Collectors Guild was founded to foster the free and independent collecting of ancient coins, as stated in its statutes. Volunteers work on this through consumer protection, political activism, and education.

The ACCG wants to create an atmosphere where anybody can comfortably and lawfully buy and hold any numismatic object of historical interest, regardless of its period or location of origin, for personal or professional use.

Why Support Ancient Coin Collectors Guild?


We must support the ACCG because it helps benefit numismatists. After all, ACCG is a non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging the free and independent collection of ancient coins.

The guild wants to create a setting where anyone, regardless of when they were made or where they came from, can confidently and lawfully buy and possess any numismatic object with historical value.

The ACCG works to accomplish its objectives through consumer protection, political activism, and education.

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The Ancient Coin Collectors Guild aims to educate the public about ancient coins. By supporting this organization, we can help them achieve their goals of bringing ancient coin collecting into the mainstream and making it accessible to everyone. If you are interested in learning more about ancient coins or joining this great group of people who share your passion for these past relics, please visit their website today!

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