Are Displates Worth it?

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Are Displates worth it? I’ve been a fan of Displate for years now.

Since it’s such an affordable way to display art, I have my favorite pieces displayed all over my house. But are displates worth it?

Let’s dive right in and see!

Are Displates Worth it?

If you are an avid poster collector, I believe the Displate metal poster system is an excellent investment.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to set up
  • Can change how it hangs (so no issue with measuring too much)
  • You can switch out posters based on how you feel. Very light and easy to store
  • You can return it for a full refund within 100 days.
  • With each poster sold, they plant a tree. It looks good without a frame.


  • Once the magnet is in place, you need to either find a way to move it or buy more magnets to mount.
  • I’ve seen some online prints that didn’t turn out very well.

So What are Displate Metal Posters?

Metal posters are produced by Displate, with the marketing ploy that you hang them using a powerful magnet installed on the wall.

The trick is that you can simply switch out one of the metal posters you have hanging with another if you grow tired of it.


My Experience with Displate Metal Posters


The two posters thus arrived immediately.

In the box, they appeared cool. The print had developed nicely and was unquestionable of the quality I had anticipated.

My partner was less impressed but didn’t participate in my decision. I heard these weren’t going to hang in the living room, but that’s okay because that was always the plan for them to hang in the Tube Studio.

The magnet thing had initially struck me as more of a gimmick than a feature.

It’s not a big deal for me to hang up a few pictures because I’m used to using a few power tools. However, I wasn’t expecting to like the magnet-mounted approach as much as I do.

Final Thoughts

So, what do I think about Displate as a whole?

For some people, this wall art is a good choice, but for others, it is too expensive, and the trick isn’t really for them, so it doesn’t make sense to buy it.

But if you’re like me and need wall art that’s easy to put up and take down, you should pull the trigger and buy it.

Before you go…

Displate is a great option to get into the world of metal art prints. It offers plenty of customization options and good quality products at reasonable prices. However, there are drawbacks, such as shipping times and limited design options.

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