How to Take Care of Wooden Coin Displays for a Beautiful, Presentable Display That Lasts

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If you’re into coin collecting, you know that coin displays are a great way to show off your collection, especially made of wood. Coin displays made out of wood have aesthetic appeal and an exotic appearance.

They also make it easy to organize and store your coins. But coin displays made of wood can be a pain to take care of. Since it’s susceptible to termites, dust, and many other factors. In this blog post, I will show you how to take care of wooden coin displays so your coin display will look beautiful, presentable, and last longer.

How To Take Care of Your Wooden Coin Displays:

Avoid Environmental Damage


Wood is susceptible to deterioration from environmental factors, particularly sunlight, and heat. So don’t place your wooden coin displays in front of uncovered windows, vents, or fireplaces.

Dust Often


Dusting is a chore, and no one likes doing it. However, dusting is one of the best ways to protect your wooden display. No one likes to dust, but the chore is one of the best ways to care for your furniture. Unfortunately, dust mites, insects, and their feces can cause a filmlike coating on wood that scratches the surface. Use a non-abrasive cloth, such as cotton T-shirts, cloth diapers, or microfiber, to avoid damaging the wood.

Keep Your Wood Clean

Dusting might not be enough sometimes; sometimes, you’ll have to clean your display. You must avoid using an all-purpose cleaner. All-purpose can cause damage to the finishing of the wood. If you want to do spot cleaning, dip a cloth in water containing mild dish detergent and gently wipe the spot. Follow it up by wiping it with a clean cloth dipped in the water and then wiping the excess water with a soft dry cloth.

Protect Your Wood 

Keep your wooden display coins protected. Apply spray or polish the wood for a fresh and shiny finish. However, please don’t use too much product because it can cause build-up that combines with dirt to create a dull, sticky film.

Treat Wear and Tear

Even with meticulous care, there will be times when your coin display will suffer from wear and tear. Scratches, gouges, and other damage can happen to any wood furniture. You can use a repair kit with a wax stick the same color as your display. Sometimes, the wear and tear are too extensive. Painting it back will breathe new life into the display furniture.

Re-Oil Dry Wood


When the wood starts looking dry and dull, it’s time to re-oil it. Again, you can use Natchez Solution Oil. Oiling the wood will help protect it from water damage and keep it looking shiny and new. Re-waxing the display will help to protect the wood and keep it looking shiny. Re-waxing the display will help to protect the wood and keep it looking shiny. Waxing is a simple process, and you only need a few supplies. You’ll need:

  • A clean, soft cloth
  • For Beeswax polish, you can try Natchez Solution.
  • A can of compressed air (optional)
Waxing Wood Method:
  1. Start by dusting it off with a clean cloth. If there’s any build-up on the surface, you can blow it away with a can of compressed air.
  2. Next, apply a thin layer of beeswax polish to the cloth and rub it into the wood in a circular motion.
  3. Once you’ve covered the entire surface, buff it with a clean, soft cloth to bring out the shine.

Keep The Wooden Coin Display Smelling Fresh

It’s normal for wooden furniture to develop an unpleasant smell over time. Sprinkle the display with baking soda to freshen it up. In addition, to absorb the smell, you can use charcoal.

Before you go…

These are tips on taking care of your wooden coin displays so that they will look beautiful, presentable, and last longer.

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