How to Tell if You Have a 1964 SMS Coin

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There are different varieties of coins, one of which is the 1964 SMS Coin. But how to tell if you have a 1964 SMS coin? ‘

Some of you may not even hear of it but don’t worry. We got you!

In this article, we’ll discuss the 1964 SMS coin, its history, and if they are valuable!

Brief History of 1964 SMS Coin

In the year of 1964, the U.S. Mint had a rough year. But, unfortunately, that was also the year they introduced the Kennedy half-dollar series both in M.S. and Proofs, including many 1964-D Peace dollars, which were later melted!

Most significantly, in 1964, all 90% of silver coinage production was discontinued because of the rising price.

As a result, the only silver coins would be the Kennedy half dollars dated 1965 to 1970, but even those coins only contained 40% silver.

How to Tell if You Have a 1964 SMS Coin

  • 1964 SMS pennies have a satin finish and are not as reflective as 1964-proof pennies.
  • The overall strike and details are much sharper than on a circulation strike.
  • Strong details show well.

Are 1964 SMS Coins Valuable?


The most important thing to know about the 1964 SMS coin is that it is valuable, but only if it has not been altered.

If you have an original 1964 SMS coin with a low serial number, you can sell it for quite a bit.

However, if your 1964 SMS coin has been altered in any way (such as scratched out by someone trying to remove the words “in God we trust” or with holes made by pliers), then you will not be able to sell it at all because anyone who buys coins like this only wants them for their scrap value.

The 1964 SMS coins are extremely rare, but more are believed to exist.

Therefore, it is strongly recommended that if you want to purchase these kinds of coins, make sure to purchase coins already graded by PCGS since our experts are well aware of the discernable differences in regular issue mint state or proof coins compared to the unique 1964 SMS coins.

What to Do With 1964 SMS Coins?

You have a few options if you have this coin:

  • Sell it to a coin dealer – Many coin dealers will buy 1964 SMS coins from you, as they are still relatively rare and valuable. The price of your 1964 SMS coin will vary depending on condition and other factors. In general, the more new your 1964 SMS coin is, the more money it will be worth; however, there are very few in existence, so anyone that is found would be valuable once again!
  • Donate your 1964 SMS coins to museums – Museums often accept donations of old historical items like 1964 SMS coins for display purposes because they provide insight into past eras and cultures. If this type of history excites you and interests others who visit such places (or makes them curious), then donating yours may be an option worth considering!
  • Keep them as collector’s items – Some people keep these around because they love having something so unique in their possession rather than using/selling/donating it all together; others enjoy sharing their collection with friends who enjoy learning about these things too! Either way, if collecting is what gets someone excited about owning something so rare, then keeping those unique artifacts around forever might be worth doing!

Before you go…

1964 SMS coins are scarce and hard to find. If you have one, ensure you know how much it is worth. I hope this article helped you answer your questions about 1964 SMS coins!

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