The Ultimate Canadian Coin Collector Checklist

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The Canadian coin collector checklist is a handy guide for anyone who wants to learn about the history of Canadian currency.

Whether you’re a numismatist or just someone who loves coins, this list can help you get started on your collection.

It contains all major types of Canadian coins from both before the Confederation and after.

Canadian Coin Collector Checklist:

1. 1906 Small Crown


The 1906 Small Crown is exciting and unique due to its rarity. Experts believe that manufacturers used a single crown die to strike around 100 examples before replacing it with a bigger crown die, which makes this coin unique among other coins.

These coins are usually in low-grade condition with eroded features, but it still sells for around $ 1000!

If the coin is in very good condition, it can sell for up to $50,000!

2. Bank of Canada Silver Dollar


This coin was named the “Holy Grail” and “Emperor” due to its rarity.

This particular coin is extremely rare as only pattern pieces existed, and this coin was never circulated.

In 1965, this coin held the world record for one of the most valuable coins in the world, also the rarest in Canada.

One of the three coins was auctioned in 2003 for a whopping price of over $ 1,000,000!

3. 1916 C-Gold Sovereign


This coin is worth collecting because back in 1908 and 1919, the Ottawa Royal Canadian Mint struck one pound gold coin, however, due to their ties with Britain, the mint needed to produce it by order.

Because of this, not so many pieces were ever made. What makes it different from British sovereigns is the “C” mint mark to denote the country of production.

Sovereign coins made in 1916 are the rarest and can reach up to $50,000 in an auction!

4. 1921 50-Cent


The “King of Canadian Coins.” With only 206,398 coins minted due to low demand, the government of Canada decided to melt them down.

Now, experts believe that fewer than 200 coins exist today. These 50-cent pieces have varied in popularity since their introduction back in 1870.

In 1920, the government announced the standard coin would fall from 92.5% to 80% silver, which caused the demand to fall.

Now, this coin’s value depends on various factors such as quality, condition, wear, and finish. But still, they can sell for up to $200,000!

5. 1921 5-Cent


The 1921 5-Cent is considered one of the rarest Canadian coins because fewer than 400 of these coins exist today.

The reason is that the Royal Canadian Mint plans to bring in a 5-Cent piece made of nickel in 1921. So they decided to melt down these silver 5-cent pieces minted in 1921.

Today, these coins come in different grades and can be worth around $4,000 to $100,000!

6. 1936 “Dot” 10-Cent


This is one of the most sought-after coins in Canada and, therefore, a great example to any collector.

It’s also easy to spot, with a dot appearing above the date on each coin. The 1936 dot cent is an interesting piece of Canadian history that showcases how coins were minted at that time: by hand!

The Royal Canadian Mint was still finding its footing when it issued this coin, and they were learning how to use new machinery while producing coins with minimal error rates.

One of these coins was sold at an auction in 2010 for more than $150,000!

7. 1948 Canada Silver Dollar


These coins are particularly rare, with only 18,870 pieces initially minted. It has historical significance.

They are commonly sold at auctions around the country at prices that reflect their conditions.

In 2009, one of the coins was sold for $67,850 to give you an example of what they can be worth.

8. 1969 Large Date 10-Cents


The 1969 Large Date 10-cent is a Canadian coin featuring a large, double-digit year and slight relief in the bust of Queen Elizabeth II.

This coin was minted for circulation only. As with all well-made coins from the Royal Canadian Mint, the minting errors are few and far between.

Only 20 known examples exist today; depending on the condition, these coins usually go around $10,000 and $25,000!

9. 1987 Loon dollar


This was introduced in 1987 to replace one-dollar bills. It shows a single loon bird in water on the front and Queen Elizabeth on the reverse side.

It has an interior of nickel and a coating of bronze or aureate. Unfortunately, the loon dollar faced public opposition, so few 1987 Loon dollars were saved.

10. 2007 Gold Kilo


Made out of pure gold, this one-kilogram gold coin has a 99.99% gold purity!

This coin was made to celebrate the country’s diverse national heritage, geography, climate, and nature.

Unfortunately, only 20 of these gold kilo pieces have ever been minted.

11. Edward VII Gold Specimen Sovereign


This gold coin was produced to commemorate the opening of the Ottawa mint back in 1908.

Many collectors seek out this coin in any condition due to its rarity. This coin usually sells for $15,000!

12. Victoria 25 Cents 1892


They say old coins are worth a lot; let’s have this, for example. A 25-cent coin that is worth around $6,000 to $8,000 today!

With a mintage of 510,000, this coin is one of the best Canadian coins in your collection!

13. George V Specimen Dollar 1935


Specimen coins are special coins produced for collectors. They are not legal tender or meant for circulation, so they don’t have any value as money or bullion.

Their value only comes from their rarity or condition. This particular coin was created to commemorate the 25th year of George V’s reign.

It was created in 1935 and is worth around $7,000 today!

14. Edward VII 25 Cents 1905


If you’re looking to buy a Canadian quarter, this is the one you should go for. It’s from 1905 and thus has a high value.

This Canadian coin dates back to 1905 and could be worth up to $4,000 today!

15. Elizabeth II Prooflike “Shoulder Fold” Dollar 1953


When you see a Prooflike coin, you know it. The mirror finish is unique and unmistakable.

These coins are struck in a special die that has been polished and cleaned with a cloth to give it a mirror finish.

Prooflike coins can be identified by their mirrored surface and the fact that they’re often called “Shoulder Fold” dollars because they look folded on the shoulder side of the coin.

16. George V Gold 10 Dollars 1914


This coin is a piece created by the Ottawa Mint in 1914, made out of gold and copper. What makes this coin unique is the reverse side.

You can see Canada’s coats of arms given by Queen Victoria and details about Canada; this reverse is considered the most beautiful on a Canadian coin.

17. Victoria 50-Cent Piece in Near-Mint Condition


The Victoria 50-Cent Piece was a gold coin minted in Canada from 1858 to 1893.

This coin has a face value of 50 cents, but it is worth much more. The coins have a high quality of design and craftsmanship, making them some of the most coveted Canadian coins available today.

Unfortunately, while many collectors are interested in finding this coin for their collection, there are only two known examples: one at the Royal Ontario Museum and another at the British Museum.

18. 1955 No Shoulder Fold (NSF) Penny


According to Numismatic Guaranty Corporation, the 1955 NSF penny is worth $8,000.

This is because this coin was designed to make it impossible to fold over its shoulder when inserted into a vending machine. In other words, it’s so rare that people can’t even use them as coins!

This one-cent piece has a mintage of only 5 million and was made of steel rather than copper, like most other Canadian pennies.

Even though they’re not coins anymore, these 1955 NSF pennies are still highly sought after by collectors today—especially if you own one that hasn’t been folded over!

19. 1925 Small 1-Cent


Fewer 1925 small cent coins were minted than other Canadian pennies, which makes this coin a must-have for collectors. These coins usually sell for $220 to $3,000!

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I hope this article helped you with your Canadian coin collection! There are many coins to consider in building your coin collection. Make sure to research and find out what kinds of coins you would like to be in your collection.

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