1950-S Dime: Do You Need This in Your Collection?

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The 1950-S dime is a highly sought-after coin among collectors and numismatists due to its rarity and historical significance.

The 1950-S dime is one of the most valuable and collectible coins in the Roosevelt dime series, and collectors need to understand its history, design, and value.

Key Takeaways:

1. The 1950-S dime is a highly valuable and collectible coin due to its rarity and historical significance.
2. Understanding the history and design of the 1950-S dime is essential for collectors and numismatists.
3. The 1950-S dime’s rarity and value render it a prized and significant inclusion in any coin collector’s assortment.

History of the 1950-S Dime


Minted in San Francisco, the 1950-S Roosevelt Dime holds a coveted status among collectors as one of the most sought-after dimes.

It was manufactured in substantial numbers, with a mintage surpassing 20 million coins. Composed of 10% copper and 90% silver, the coin weighs 2.5 grams and boasts a diameter of 17.90 millimeters.

The inception of the Roosevelt Dime dates back to 1946, following the passing of President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1945.

Crafted by designer John R. Sinnock, the coin is a tribute to Roosevelt’s enduring legacy.

The coin’s obverse features a portrait of Roosevelt, while the reverse depicts an olive branch, a torch, and an oak branch, symbolizing peace, liberty, and strength.

The 1950-S Dime is notable for its high-quality strikes, which make it a popular choice among collectors.

In addition, the coin is also known for its rarity in high grades. While the coin is relatively common in lower grades, it becomes increasingly difficult to find in higher grades, such as MS-65 or better.

Overall, the 1950-S Roosevelt Dime is a highly collectible coin with a rich history. Its rarity and high-quality strikes make it a valuable addition to any collection.



Part of the Roosevelt dime series inaugurated in 1946, the 1950-S dime is crafted from 90% silver and 10% copper.

With a diameter measuring 17.91mm and a weight of 2.5 grams, this coin bears a portrait of President Franklin D. Roosevelt on its obverse.

On the reverse, a torch, an olive branch, and an oak branch are depicted.


The design of the 1950-S dime exhibits similarities with its counterparts from the 1950s within the Roosevelt dime series.

Nonetheless, subtle distinctions exist among the various mint marks.

For instance, the 1950-S dime carries an “S” mint mark on its reverse, indicating its minting location at the San Francisco Mint. Positioned beneath the olive branch, the “S” mint mark distinguishes this coin’s origin.

The overall design of the 1950-S dime is simple and elegant, focusing on the portrait of President Roosevelt on the obverse of the coin.

The torch, olive, and oak branches on the coin’s reverse symbolize liberty, peace, and strength, respectively. The dime’s design has remained unchanged since its introduction in 1946, with only minor modifications made over the years.

Overall, the design of the 1950-S dime is a classic example of American coinage from the mid-20th century. The simple yet elegant design of the coin has made it a popular collectible among enthusiasts and collectors.

Value and Rarity


The 1950-S dime is considered a better date and is one of the key coins in the Roosevelt Dime series. Its mintage is about 20 million coins, making it the fifth-lowest mintage in the silver circulation strike series. The coin’s value and rarity depend on its condition, mint variety, and any errors it might have.

The value chart shows a difference in scarcity of the different dates and varieties. One must check the date and mintmark to identify the mint variety accurately.

The 1950-S Roosevelt Dime has an “S” mintmark, which indicates that it was minted in San Francisco. The coin’s value can vary significantly depending on its condition, with uncirculated coins being worth more than circulated ones.

According to CoinTrackers.com, the value of a 1950-S Roosevelt Dime in average condition is estimated to be around $6.00, while one in the mint state could be around $80.00.

However, if the coin is certified or has an error, its value can increase significantly.

Collecting the 1950-S Dime

The 1950-S dime is a valuable and sought-after coin in the world of coin collecting. It is a rare coin that collectors highly prize due to its historical significance and rarity.

Here are some useful tips for collecting the 1950-S dime:

1. Identify the Mint Mark


The first step in collecting the 1950-S dime is identifying the mint mark. The mint mark is on the coin’s reverse side, just above the word “ONE” and below the wreath.

The “S” mint mark indicates that the coin was minted in San Francisco.

2. Determine the Condition


The value of the 1950-S dime depends largely on its condition. Collectors should look for coins in the best possible condition, with minimal wear and tear.

Coins in uncirculated condition are the most valuable, but even coins that show some signs of wear can still be valuable.

3. Check the Mintage

Another important factor to consider when collecting the 1950-S dime is the mintage. The mintage refers to the number of coins produced in a particular year and at a particular mint.

In the case of the 1950-S dime, 20,440,000 coins were produced, which is relatively low compared to other years.

4. Consider the Rarity

The rarity of the 1950-S dime is another important factor to consider when collecting this coin. While there were millions of these coins were produced, many were lost or destroyed over time.

As a result, finding a 1950-S dime in good condition can be a challenge, which makes it a valuable addition to any collection.

5. Look for Graded Coins

Collectors serious about collecting the 1950-S dime should consider looking for graded coins. Graded coins have been evaluated by a professional grading service, which assigns a grade based on the coin’s condition.

This can help collectors determine the value of a particular coin and ensure that they are getting a genuine, high-quality coin.

Before you go…

Overall, the 1950-S Roosevelt dime is a valuable and interesting coin for collectors and investors alike. Its historical significance and rarity make it a worthwhile addition to any collection.

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