7 Foreign Coins Worth Money: Here’s a List of Valuable Coins from Around the World

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Do foreign coins worth money? Do foreign coins has any worth at all? The answer is yes; foreign coins can be worth money. Some foreign coins are worth quite a lot of money. We are going to list here coins that are worth more than their inherent value. The coins listed here are not necessarily rare, but they are worth more than their face value.

These coins are not as popular as wheat pennies or other collectible coins from the USA, which is good. You can buy these beautiful coins at a fraction of the price of American collectible coins.

7 Foreign Coins Worth Money List:

Napoleon I Essai in Gold – 1803

foreign coins worth money

The first coin on our list is a coin from France. This coin was minted to commemorate Napoleon’s visit to the Paris mint in 1803. A beautiful coin with the portrait of Napolean on it. The coin is worth $185,000.

Gem 50 Sen – 1871

a beautiful Japanese coin to collect

This coin was minted in 1871 in Osaka, Japan, and was made in silver with a beautiful dragon on its obverse. Depending on its grade, you can get this Gem 50 sen coin for around $500-$600. The last recorded sale of this coin was for $1,955 in 2021.

La Rioja 8 Reales – 1838-R

An Argentinian coin for your collection

The next on our list is an Argentinian coin minted in 1838. This coin was made in silver with an interesting reverse. It has a sun with a face on it. This coin is estimated to be around $2000-$4000 in the market. The last known record of this coin was sold for $3,600.

Finland 20 Markkaa – 1912-S

FINLAND. 20 Markkaa 1912 S

From the country that brought you Aurora Borealis, this coin was minted in 1912. It was made from gold with a crowned imperial double eagle holding orb and scepter on its obverse. Depending on its grade, you can get this coin for around $250-$750. The last known sale price was $432.

Red Maldives 1 Larin – 1913 (1331 Hijri Calendar)

Red Maldives 1 Larin

This coin has beautiful Arabic fonts on both sides. On the obverse is the full name of the Sultan, Sultan Mohammed Shams ad-din Iskander. The reverse has the minting date and the minting place in Male, the capital city of Maldives. Depending on the coin’s grade, you can get this coin from as low as $20-$200.

1 Dollar B Hong Kong Great Britain Silver – 1909

1 dollar b hong kong great britain silver 1909

The coin was issued to facilitate trade in the Malay archipelago and the Indochina region. This coin has 3 different languages on it. English, Jawi (Malay), and Chinese. Depending on its grade, you can buy this coin for $90-$700.

Mexico 1 Peso Caballito – 1910

https ebay.usqU4BRi

The last one on the list is from the country that brought us speedy Gonzales. Depending on its grade, you can buy this coin for $200-$2000.

Before you go…

So, there you have it. A list of foreign coins that are worth more than their face value. These coins are not rare, but they are beautiful and valuable. So, the next time you are in a foreign country, do not forget to pick up some foreign coins as souvenirs. One day, those coins might be worth a lot of money. We hope you enjoy these foreign coins worth money lists we have compiled.

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