How Much Does A Funko Pop Cost?

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We’ve all been there: you’re strolling down the toy aisle at Target, and suddenly, you see a Funko Pop!

Of course, you want it but don’t know if you should buy it. Is the price reasonable?

This article will give you a rough guide on prices of Funko pop. Read on.

How Much Does A Funko Pop Cost?

The average price of a funko pop is around $10. The rare ones cost around $50, and the normal ones about $20.

The prices vary for many reasons, mainly due to their scarcity and demand among collectors.

How Much Does A Rare Funko Pop Cost?


A rare Funko Pop can cost anywhere between $100 to $1000.

Some of the most expensive Funkos are limited edition, meaning that only a small number were made and aren’t likely to be mass-produced.

One example is the Disney Villains Maleficent Dragon from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, which sold for as much as $1,000 on eBay back then!

Rare Funko Pops can also be difficult to find since they were only released in limited quantities at specific times and locations.

If you want one but don’t have time to hunt for it in person or online, you may want to wait until it’s added to their “Winter Toy Shop” collection, which sell out quickly every year!

Why Do Prices Vary So Much?

Funko Pop prices vary because some toys are rare and in high demand, while others are easy to find.

But, of course, the rarer a toy is, it means more expensive.

The value of toys can also change over time as they become less or more sought-after. If a toy was only released in limited numbers, collectors might pay more for it than a similar toy that was mass-produced and sold at retail stores nationwide.

Toys that have been kept in excellent condition will typically be worth more than those that have been played with and damaged by kids over time.

How Do I Know What My Funko Pops Are Worth?

How much is a Funko Pop worth? If you are looking to sell your Funko Pops, you’ll want to research the worth of your items.

  • Check the market: This can be done by searching eBay or Amazon for similar items.
  • You will see what people are selling their Funko Pops for and what they have sold for in the past.
  • Check price guides: Many price guides offer information about how much certain Funkos are selling for and can give insight into which ones might be worth more than others.
  • These price guides include Pop Price Guide, Collector’s Blog, and Funko Forums.

How Much Do Funko Pops Resell For?

How much do they sell for? And how do you know what they’re worth?

There’s no one answer to this question because it depends on several factors.

However, some general guidelines can help you understand how much your Funko Pops might be worth.


A mint-condition toy will always be more valuable than an older one (unless Stan Lee signs the older one), and rarer pieces tend to have higher resell rates than common ones.

If someone wants to buy your toys from you, make sure you know what each piece is going for before selling it off—you never want to sell something at a lower price than what it could’ve gotten if properly researched.

And there you have it! We hope this guide has been helpful and answered some of your questions about Funko Pops. If you have any other questions or want to discuss a specific topic, please let us know in the comments below or reach out on social media. Before you leave, make sure to check the articles below!

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