How to Find Coin Collection for Sale?

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This article will give you some tips on finding coin collections for sale. We will also provide a list of websites where you can find coin collections for sale.

I have lost a couple of thousand dollars buying some fake coins. This post shares my guidelines for finding and purchasing coin collections for sale.

Guidelines For Purchasing Coins:


1. Research

Doing your due diligence is the most important thing to do. This should go without saying. First, check the reputation of the seller. Many auction sites provide the option to read seller and buyer feedback. This can give you an excellent idea about the coin collection for sale and whether they are real.

2. Always Read and Understand The Seller’s Return Policy.

Always ask these questions:

  • What can you do if the coin in your hand doesn’t match the photos on the website?
  • Will you get a full refund? 
  • Who is responsible for shipping costs?

These are the questions you must ask before buying a coin collection. Every reputable coin-selling website will have a return policy.

Be sure to read and understand it before making your purchase. And, if possible, try to contact/meet the seller first if you have questions about the coin before making a purchase.

3. Closely Examine The Coin

If you are buying online, then check the photos of the coin. The images should be straight on, not at an angle.

  • Check for hairlines (signs of cleaning) hidden when the pictures are shot at a sharp angle. Please request different images from the seller.
  • If you buy in person, use a coin magnifier or a loupe to check the coin’s surface. Please make sure there are no hidden marks or scratches on it. Even if the coin is sealed and certified, it is good to check on it.
  • Examine the coin under good lighting.
  • Check the coin’s luster or gleam to see whether it has been harshly dipped, cleaned, buzzed, or damaged. A dull luster might indicate that the coin has been excessively dipped.

4. Beware of Coins Attached with the Words “Rare” and “Key.”

Many of these coins are being produced counterfeitly in large numbers and being bought and sold in the market. Be extra careful with these types of coins.

If it is too good to be true, walk away. This applies to online auction sites or dealer shops.

Therefore, as a rule, only buy key coins certified and encapsulated by a reputable third-party grader.

5. Hold Raw Coins Carefully

I learned this the hard way; as a beginner, I am excited to hold the coins given to me.

It is well known that oils from fingers left on the coin’s surfaces can harm it over time. Use white gloves or a specially made coin tweezer to hold it.

6. Check For Eye Appeal

A graded coin can still lose eye appeal due to blotchy, dark toning, or other factors. A connoisseur would reject this coin and seek others appealing to the eye, even if it is in an acceptable grade and price for the buyer.

Where To Find Coin Collection For Sale?

So, let’s start with the obvious: Where do you find these coins? I will list down here 5 of my favorite places, my go-to shop, to find coin collections for sale.

1. Official National Mint


If I could return to when I was a beginner, I would always choose the official national mint. Then, I wouldn’t have lost money buying fake and counterfeit coins. So, I know this is a bit boring to some, but they are known only to sell authentic, pure, original, and certified coin collections.

The downside is that their prices are slightly high, and you won’t find too much variety here, but they have the best quality coins. You can buy there with peace of mind and be sure the coin collection is 100% authentic. Here are some links to the official mints of several countries

2. Reputable Websites

Many reputable websites offer coin collection for sale. These websites usually have various coins to choose from, and their prices are more affordable than the official national mints.

Heritage Auction


Heritage Auctions is the world’s largest numismatic auctioneer, headquartered in Dallas, Texas. In addition, Heritage has offices throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia. In 1976, Heritage began offering a range of American and worldwide coins.

Heritage Auctions has been rated one of the best coin auction sites by many coin collectors and dealers. They offer coin collection for sale in various categories, including coins from all over the world.

Great Collections

gc logo

Great Collections is a coin auction website that was founded in 2010. They offer a wide selection of certified coins graded by PCGS, NGC, and ANACS.

Great Collections is one of the Internet’s most reputable coin auction sites. They offer coin collection for sale in various categories, including coins from all over the world.

3. Other Websites


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Why Amazon? After dealing with Amazon customer service, I am satisfied with it, and even if I buy something wrong, I know I can get my money back.

They have a good delivery service as well. In addition to what I have said above, I always read what customers say about the coin collections they bought. I know Amazon is not a coin-selling website, but it’s a great place to find coin collection for sale.


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eBay is another excellent place to find coin collections for sale. eBay has a wide variety of coins for sale, and their prices are very affordable.

However, it is important to research before purchasing any coins from eBay. Please exercise your due diligence by checking PCGS, NGC, Heritage Auction, and others before buying on eBay. I purchased coins from eBay and was pleased with the coin collections I received.

4. Local Coin Dealers

If you don’t want to go online, your best bet is to find coin collections for sale at a local coin shop. Many coin shops in the United States also sell coin collections. I have covered local coin dealers in another post.

Before you go…

With these tips and guidelines in mind, I hope you know how to find coin collection for sale. Please research before purchasing any coins, and if you have any questions, please feel free to comment below. I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks for reading!

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