What Does an Uncirculated Coin Looks Like?

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Good day! Are you starting a collection of coins? Do you know what does an uncirculated coin looks like and why it’s valuable? Uncirculated coins are not the same as circulated ones but are still considered collectible.

In addition, there are many benefits to collecting coins that have never been used in circulation.

In this article, we’ll look at uncirculated coins and what makes them valuable!

What is an Uncirculated Coin?


A coin that has never been in circulation is uncirculated. So, when we say “uncirculated,” we mean that the coin has never been taken out of the minting process and is still in mint condition.

Coins can remain pristine for decades or even centuries if you don’t touch them with your bare hands.

That’s why you can often find coins that date back hundreds of years with their original color and shine still intact.

It’s a great way to understand how our ancestors used money thousands of years ago!

What Does an Uncirculated Coin Looks Like?

So, when we talk about uncirculated coins, we mean they’re in mint condition.

That’s because they’ve never been in circulation. So, they’ve got a mint luster (an unnaturally shiny surface not found on coins in circulation).

Furthermore, the coin’s surface exhibits no signs of wear or friction, and there are no visible contact marks such as scratches.

So, if you’re searching for a coin that’s not as worn as circulated but not as flawless as uncirculated, a couple of terms can describe this type of coin. Mint State-63 and Mint State-64 are two common options.

Benefits of Collecting Uncirculated Coins


As a newcomer to coin collecting, you may be curious about the distinction between uncirculated and circulated coins.

That’s right, folks! Uncirculated coins are in better condition than circulated coins. Put differently. They haven’t been utilized or dealt with extensively.

So basically, I’m saying that they appear more attractive, have lesser scratches, and are devoid of dings or dents.

It is worth noting that uncirculated coins tend to hold more value than circulated ones, although this is not always the case.

Furthermore, it is more challenging to come across uncirculated coins than circulated ones.

This makes it simpler for individuals who aim to gather coins for their monetary worth rather than their collectability.

Examples of Uncirculated Coins

The 1794 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar


We have one of the most famous coins in the history of the United States! If you have this in your collection, it will make a mark on your coin-collecting journey. Yes, this coin is one of the most expensive coins in existence! If you’re lucky enough to find one in M.S., having this in your collection will cost you a lot of money!

2007 Uncirculated Dollar Coin Set


There’s another set of coins in the Mint state. You can find this set coin on Amazon or eBay, which typically costs $60. Ladies and gentlemen, this set comprises 28 uncirculated coins and Presidential dollars of Washington, Adams, Jefferson, and Madison. This is a coin set that you should have in your collection!

Uncirculated 2011 America the Beautiful Quarters


The National Parks in the U.S. are depicted in this uncirculated coin set. This set comprises five quarters and showcases the images of Gettysburg, Glacier, Olympic, Vicksburg, and Chickasaw. It’s also available in different variations. Feast your eyes on this unique coin set that will take your collection to new heights!

Uncirculated Philadelphia 1983 U.S. Coin Mint Sets


Wow, we have a set of 10 coins here! You can find them on eBay or Amazon. If you’re a coin collector, this coin set minted in Philadelphia could be a great addition to your collection. It’s affordable and accessible to the average collector.

1976 S U.S. Mint Set


I present you a three-coin set crafted from 40% silver. This set is a commemorative piece that honors the 200th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. You know, a coin set that has historical value can be a valuable addition to your collection!

Before you go…

I hope this article helped you with uncirculated coins and what it looks like. Remember, uncirculated coins are in a mint state condition, and they usually go up in value depending on the rarity and demand of the coin! Happy collecting!

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